What’s the difference between munching mindlessly on your food versus actually savoring it? The difference between hearing and listening; or talking and conversing? One word can sum it all up: mindfulness. 

Defined by Merriam Webster Dictionary as the practice of maintaining a nonjudgmental state of heightened or complete awareness of one's thoughts, emotions, or experiences and such a state of awareness; being mindful not only makes one appreciate the here and now, but may also bring about inner peace. But how can one be mindful?

1. Declutter

Start with your closet, all the way to your sentimental valuables. Stop waiting for the “perfect” time or situation for you to keep something. If it is not needed, give or throw it away.

2. Get active

Exercise! This keeps the blood pumping throughout our body. If you have an 8 to 5 desk job, make sure to get moving at least every hour’s strike, whether it’s a flight of stairs or a simple stretch, our amazing bodies were not designed to sit all day.

3. Consume whole foods

Ever felt sluggish even after you’ve eaten?  That’s because the quality of food that you put in is the quality that comes out. We're not telling you to never eat pizza and cake, but to take good care of your body nourishing yourself with whole foods rich in vitamins and minerals. Try avoiding processed food as these contain, more often than not, chemicals and artificial ingredients that are not meant for human consumption.

4. Follow your heart.

Learn a new hobby or skill, play a new instrument. Whatever it is, do what makes you feel most alive. 

5. Get off the grid.

Nowadays most of us are glued to our screens, whether it’s our phone or our laptop. We may be posting on social media what we are doing that we might actually miss what we are doing. Although there is nothing wrong with posting selfies, it is good for our eyes and mind to disconnect from these technologies and remind ourselves not to be a slave to the screens. The real “high definition” is right in front of us!

6. Practice gratitude.

Find something to be thankful for every day. Make it a habit and it can do wonders. Allot at least 5 minutes to just breathe. Take deep breaths. Allow yourself and your thoughts to just flow. Mindfulness is a conscious way of living.