If you are in a comfortable and satisfying relationship, chances are you are more likely to relax when it comes to attracting your partner and eventually you start to put on the pounds together. While it is good to go on frequent dates with your partner, it is as important to keep an eye out for each other's health. Luckily, there are many fitness activities you can do together that are fat burning and fun at the same time. Below is a list of activities that are beginner-friendly that can help you start getting active together.

    1. Biking

Whether it's around your village or your college campus, taking a bike ride is an easy way to relax and get those legs moving at the same time. It's a relatively cheap hobby (no need to spend too much on workout clothes), but if one of you doesn't know how to ride one, try taking an indoor spinning class.

    2. Racquet Sports

Bring out each other's competitive side through a game of tennis or badminton. This is also a good bonding activity when you work together to beat another couple.

    3. Yoga

Get in tuned with inner peace and happy thoughts by taking a yoga class together. One type of yoga you can do as a pair is AcroYoga, which is a combination of yoga, healing arts, and acrobatics. For this type of yoga, you'll both need to give each other the effort to balance and hold the poses.

    4. Ballroom dancing

It doesn't matter if one of you claims to have two left feet, dancing has always been a great aerobic workout, and what better way to learn a new move or two together than through ballroom dancing?

    5. Hiking

Take a break from the city and join a group to go on a hike with. A change in scenery will be good for both of you as you help each other through waters and steep slopes. Click here <link> for a list of easy mountains to climb. Link: Climb every mountain article Source: http://psycnet.apa.org/psycinfo/2013-07735-001/