Nowadays, foods with high sugar content have been getting red flags from health and nutrition experts as a barrier to success. Excessive sugar intake can lead to a host of various diseases like diabetes, heart disease and even cancer. It’s very important that every person should adopt better lifestyle habits to avoid falling into the sugar health trap. However, it’s not as easy as just saying no to your favorite dessert. Many people have become “addicted” to the sugar rush that some experts say it may be more potent than certain illegal drugs. Hence, it’s necessary to cut the culprit before the situation blows up uncontrollably.

By identifying various triggers for a sweet munching episode, you can help control your sweet-cravings. Here’s how:

Choose your battlefield. Hanging out in your nearest coffee shop keeps you in close company of your sweet little friends like cookies, pies, cakes and everything that goes well with your cup of coffee. So stay away from pastry shops and make it difficult for you to get access to sweets and pastries. Try the local library or gym as a substitute hangout joint where food is usually not allowed or encouraged.

Detoxify your home. If possible, eliminate or try to hide from plain sight all the sweets and pastries in your house or office table. Like a smoker who’s trying to quit, packs of cigarettes scattered around the house makes that person remember to smoke, and in your case, sweets on the dining table reminds you to take a bite every once in a while. Remember, out of sight = out of mind.

Fruits for dessert. If you’re trying to satisfy your sweet-tooth without the guilt, end your meals with a piece or two of your favorite low-sugar fruit instead.

Minimize the damage. Just in case you weren’t able to follow the other conservative measures, try to eat a modest portion of your sweet enemy at the end of your good meal instead of eating it alone. You’ll tend to eat less of it because your stomach is already full. Moreover, research shows that you tend to increase your sugar cravings if you keep eating sweets alone as a meal or snack. Hence, keep in mind that your sugar splurge can possibly add more fuel to the fire instead of extinguishing it.