Here’s how you can make sure the same resolutions don’t end up on your list again next year!

  1. Have a game plan. Avoid writing things down without thinking of HOW you will be able to achieve them. Write down goals and resolutions but also write strategies and actionable steps towards reaching those goals.
  2. Do your homework. Knowledge and creativity go hand-in-hand. A little research always goes a long way. When you know what it is that you have to achieve, light bulbs also start to go off in your brain. We all have different ways to get to where we want to go. For example, be creative in preparing your meals so you don’t get tired or bored of eating healthy food. Be more resourceful in planning your workouts too. You don’t need a gym membership or expensive gym equipment to start a fitness regimen.
  3. Motivate instead of reward. It’s common practice to reward your self whenever you feel accomplished or fulfilled. Change your mindset and keep yourself motivated for a change. Every once in a while, it’s okay to indulge yourself in things that will keep you inspired to stay on your journey, whether it’s for your own wellness or any other aspect in your life.
  4. Focus on your own. The world is a sea of distractions and it’s only waiting for you to drown in it. Avoid comparing your progress with others. Keep track of your own progress and write them down. Also write how you feel, aiming to highlight the positive points and taking note of things to improve on. Keeping a journal has helped me immensely in staying on track. Writing things down takes a load off your brain and looking back at your journey always provides an instant lift.

Ready to take on the coming year? Go get ‘em!