The holidays can still be a good time for active fun. Try these tips to keep your fitness goals on track.

The Filipino Christmas culture usually entails a lot of good food, overindulging, and going out of our way to meet friends, “inaanaks,” and relatives. With this, there’s a good chance that if we want to keep track of our fitness goals, our regular exercise schedule may need some adjusting.

Making time for fitness over the holidays can help make the season’s celebrations more joyful because exercise is a proven stress-reliever and mood-booster. So eating well and getting your heart pumping can help you relax and enjoy the holidays better with your loved ones.

Here are some tips to help you incorporate exercise into your routine this season:

1. Create a realistic plan
Let's be honest – a demanding holiday schedule means some of your regular exercise may fall to the wayside. And that’s okay! Plan ahead and decide in advance which workouts you’ll skip and which ones you’ll stick to.

2. Take your workout home
Heavy holiday traffic and vacations might make hitting the gym impossible. But you can stay on track with home workouts by downloading workout apps or streaming exercise videos that can help you break a sweat anywhere.

3. Involve your family
Fitness can be a great opportunity to spend some quality time with your family. Holiday family fun could include heading to the gym or yoga studio together, or brisk walking around the neighbourhood.

4. Turn housework into a temporary workout
Turn your to-do list into an opportunity for a mini-workout. Doing laundry? Start off every cycle with a set of squats, then turn on your favorite workout music for a minute of dancing. Use minute-long breaks as a chance to get active. That way, you could fit 15 minutes of exercise or more into a single housework session. 


Ultimately, living brighter means balancing your favourite holiday indulgences with your fitness goal. By being mindful and making time for active holiday fun, you and your loved ones can live happier and healthier as the new year approaches.






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