Nowadays, people tend to neglect or sacrifice their health and fitness routines when the going gets tough or when life gets in the way. Hectic work schedules, family time, and a busy social life are all hard to balance especially when you're also trying to squeeze in a Pilates class, nailing a hard gym session, or completing your running program mileage by the end of the week.  However, there are several ingenious ways you can still maintain your fitness gains while working through a busy schedule.

  1. Morning - Start 15-25 minutes earlier to do a quick but intense cardio or some body weight exercises before the rest of the world awakes. Instead of doing it at night or at end of the work shift, working out in the morning helps avoid time interruptions that hinder some serious sweat.
  2. During Work - Try to stay active by incorporating short bursts of physical activity while you're at the office. Use filled water bottles to do simple weight training routines. Utilize the stairs more to increase leg strength and endurance. Instead of discussing work matters on the phone, try to walk and meet people directly to increase walking opportunities while at work.
  3. Lunch Time - Walk to your nearby restaurant instead of having food delivered. You can also add more walking by strolling around a nearby mall before heading back. If you have gym access, go for a quick 15-25 minute cardio workout or weight session just before having lunch. You don't need a full lunch hour to finish that sandwich, right?
  4. End of the day - You can do 5-10 minute flexibility routines like yoga poses or easy mat Pilates moves for your core. Core training and flexibility exercises doesn’t only firm up your abs or improve your posture, but they also help decrease stress by easing and relaxing tense muscles.