Chocolates and flowers are the usual stuff that people give to their loved ones on Valentine’s Day. Although the gesture is loaded with sweetness, you can still take the celebration to another level with unconventional Valentine’s Day gifts. After all, it is an occasion that isn’t just exclusive to couples. You can also share love and thoughtfulness to those who matter in your life.

Five smart and unconventional Valentine’s Day gifts

1.      Prepare a home-cooked meal for two — or for everyone.
When the world is facing a pandemic, your best choice is to stay at home. To avoid traffic jams and risks of infection, why not show off your cooking skills? Whether you’ll be preparing a meal for two or for the whole family, the extra effort you put to satisfy their appetites will also warm their hearts.
TIP: Add healthy options to your food choices. A hearty meal need not be sinful. Add fruits and vegetables and eliminate junk. Show your thoughtfulness by being picky with the foods you prepare For ideas, visit our wellness community GoWell.

2.      Treat your partner to a massage.
If your partner has been longing for a relaxing massage for so long, doing it yourself would be greatly appreciated. The past months have been really exhausting mentally and physically. Learn basic massage techniques and buy scented candles or oils for a relaxing and rejuvenating Valentine’s date night.

3.      Enroll in an online class together.
Whatever your age is, it’s never too late to learn something new. There are lots of online classes that you can take together. This is a fun way to nurture your interests and knowledge. The fact that you will be completing this together makes it more attractive. Check out cooking classes or painting classes online. For sure, you’ll also have fun comparing your accomplishments and being each other’s guide.

4.      Give the gift of life insurance.
While Valentine’s Day may send people to a spending frenzy on gifts and date nights, remember that those are not the only ways to express care and affection. A night to remember pales in comparison to a lifetime of security. With life insurance, you’re actually gaining a head start towards financial freedom and a brighter life together.

There are different types of life insurance for all stages of life. Whether you’re planning to start a future together or already have a family of your own, there’s a life insurance option that suits your needs. Application is very easy too. You can start by talking to a financial advisor. You can also use the Advisor Match tool to get connected with financial planning experts.

5.      Explore possible investments together.
Your V-Day gift this year can be the first step in your journey towards a brighter future. Giving investments as a gift may seem unconventional but it can set you on the right path of commitment.
Nowadays, investment options for every budget is possible.  Depending on your personalities, there are also investment plans that range from moderate to aggressive. If you’re after affordability, you can choose Sun Life Prosperity Funds, a flexible investment option with high potential returns. You don't even have to worry about managing your funds as investment professionals will be in charge. If you are ready to make an investment the game-changer for your relationship, you can get started here.

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Despite the limitations of the new normal, there are creative and generous ways to make this Valentine’s Day more memorable. Choose to be unpredictable this time. Focus on gifts that leave a lasting impact rather than temporary joys. Roses and chocolates are still sweet, but they’d be sweeter when paired with thoughtful and well-intentioned gifts.