Do you belong to the “samahan ng malamig ang Pasko”? Philippines has the longest Yuletide celebration in the world and this could be a tough season for people who are single. Attending holiday parties without a plus one while evading relationship questions from relatives and colleagues can bring mixed emotions. You may feel down and alone about your single status but it is also a chance to enjoy being solo this time of year.    

Rather than dwelling on being single, one should embrace it and celebrate Christmas with all the merriest things the season offers. Romantic status does not define who you are and our happiness. Check out some tips that can help you enjoy this holiday season.


Discover new interests and hobbies. Stop comparing your relationship status with what others have. Instead, discover new interests and hobbies that can broaden your horizons. These can include:

  1. Learning new musical instruments
  2. Taking up a new sport
  3. Traveling
  4. Cooking or baking
  5. Learning a new language


Spend time with your loved ones. Christmas is an opportunity to create meaningful relationships and memories. One can celebrate the holidays by inviting a group of single friends to have lunch, cocktails, or travel together. Dress up and make happy memories with them.


Volunteer for a cause that you support. As a season for sharing,  giving back to society is also a perfect way to create happy memories with other people. Volunteer at animal shelters if you are a pet lover, join a medical outreach in hospitals and give happiness to the sick, or support nonprofit organizations such as charities, churches, and civic groups.


Gift yourself the gift of brighter future. Determine life goals while spending time alone this Christmas. Focus on self-love and working on yourself to have a brighter and more stable future. This will allow you to stay in control in spite of life’s surprises and facing challenges alone. Save and invest to build wealth so you can live more independently. 


Sun Life has a variety of insurance products that suit our financial needs throughout the different stages of life. If our life goal at this moment is to protect our health and wealth, Sun Life offers plans that include:  


  1. SUN Fit and Well is a life and health insurance plan that offers critical illness and life insurance benefits until age 100 plus disease prevention programs. This is suitable for young people who want to stay healthy from prevention until recovery.
  2. SUN Smarter Life Elite is a protection and savings plan offering twice its insurance face amount and covers a client for life. It features cash benefits that help the insured give their children a worry-free journey from primary school to college graduation. 
  3. Sun First Aid is a health protection plan that provides cash benefits with coverage for 10 years. It relieves the insured from worrying too much due to expensive medical bills. It also offers benefits for unanticipated events like early deaths, accidents, and disability. 
  4. Sun Legacy is a savings and insurance plan that preserves the accumulated wealth of the insured, allowing them to bequeath it to their loved ones without hassle. Its income continuation and retirement components help them maintain peace-of-mind through their golden years.


There is no need to feel down this Christmas just because you are single. Surround yourselves with people who you love most like family and friends. Use this time to focus on life goals to improve ourselves and secure a bright future. 

As a Partner for Life, Sun Life shares expert advice and offers suitable insurance products as you pursue financial independence. Talk to one of our financial advisors today.


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