They say too much of something is bad. But not many of us realize that having a lot of stuff – especially ones we rarely use – is actually costly. And the real danger lies in turning a blind eye to this very expensive reality.

Because, really, having too many things lying around is eating up whatever precious resources we do have. Cutting down is modern economy, and taking a good look at one’s belongings is a good way to start saving and maximizing what we do have. If living is in the moment, then shouldn’t we make our present prosperous?

1. Too much stuff robs us of TIME

Diversity is good, but not on a bulging closet or an overflowing fridge. The art of choosing demands time and attention, especially in an avalanche of options. Compute how much you make in an hour to realize the losses you’ve incurred just this morning when you were finding some matching socks. Let your selection be about quality, not quantity.

2. Too much stuff eats up SPACE

An average one-bedroom apartment in Manila costs Php15,000. When the bedroom floor is littered, think of your junk as non-paying tenants in your limited property. Small stuff, such as books and toiletries, have a way of piling up until it starts invading every nook and cranny of your home.

3. Too much stuff uses up ENERGY

Work is a factor of energy. It should be nourishing, not a life-sucking episode. Owning more than you need creates labor, and unless it’s a moneymaking or sanity-inducing clutter, then it’s useless toil. Hold on to assets, not liabilities.

4. Too much stuff means WASTE

When the things you have no longer serve any purpose, then it should be classified as waste. However, one man’s garbage may be another’s treasure. So instead of holding on to your waste, be generous enough to let them go to those who need it more. Acts of kindness always generate goodwill, and that’s something one can’t have too much of.

How about you? Do you have plans to de-clutter your life?

Photo used under Creative Commons from Les Chatfield.

Reyna Tabbada

Reyna is a founding member of the Brighter Life Team. Her interests span from travelling to making a living as a fictionist and essayist. She is always in pursuit of a great story. Follow her adventures on Instagram via @haplesswords.