In 2020, summer happened a month after the new normal. Fast forward to summer 2021, you and your family already experienced the longest lockdown. Children have dealt with the sudden switch to remote learning and may already be feeling edgy out of the monotony of their new routine. For all of us adults, there is financial stress affecting many households as we experience economic instability.

The need to recharge is more than ever important now as we waddle our way towards the end of this crisis. Summer has always been a time for us to de-stress, but how can we do this mindfully in this time.

Tips to a productive and healthy summer

  • · For Kids: Engage in low-risk activities.
    Physical activity is one of the things that can support your mental wellness. Staying too long at home can have an impact on a person’s well-being. Now that restrictions in the country already eased, you have the option to spend summer outdoors with your kids. However, keep in mind that the risk still remains. To stay on the safe side, choose low-risk activities. These are the ones that will allow you and your kids to spend leisure time while maintaining a safe distance from other people like going to parks, less crowded beaches, and open playgrounds.



  • For Couples: Go on a road trip.

A lot of people are not yet comfortable with overnight accommodations during this time of a pandemic. What you can do as an alternative is to go on a road trip. You can enjoy a change in environment and visit scenic spots together. There are tourist destinations in provinces near Manila like Tagaytay, Laguna, Batangas, and Bulacan. While this will serve your dose of summer enjoyment, it will also save you a lot of money as you can drive back and forth and eliminate the cost of booking a stay.


  • · For Individuals: Try something new.

There is a tendency for activities to be monotonous during the pandemic. However, this should not limit you from exploring something new. In summer, students can use their spare time by trying new activities. DIY crafts, art and painting sessions are just some of the things that they can try. Young adults may want to learn how to drive, try yoga, or take up cooking classes. It’s wise to choose activities that interest you and help you develop skills.

On the other hand, you may also use this as a time to manage your finances. You can seek the help of a financial advisor who is in the best position to answer your questions. Connect with a Sun Life Advisor through the Advisor Match tool.


  • ·For Families: Keep celebrations small.

In the Philippines, summer is also a time for reunions. However, because of the pandemic, it wouldn’t be advisable to attend big gatherings. Keep celebrations small. This will make it easier for physical distancing to be observed while maintaining safety and health measures. While it is refreshing to see loved ones you haven’t seen for a long time, health and safety should come first.

Summer should not just be limited to recreational activities. You also have to consider your and your family’s future needs. Look into things that matter like insurance. While this may seem to be a major undertaking, there are now options to make insurance more affordable these days. Sun Life offers the Family Armor product suite which offers 1-year coverage for as low as ₱200.00. It comes in a range of plans suited for parents, single parents, families, singles, and even extended families. You can check out this insurance product at the Sun Life Lazada Store where it is exclusively available.

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Rest and relaxation are essential factors that help maintain overall well-being. The key is to balance it with proper precautions so that you both enjoy the break you need to recharge, while keeping yourself safe from life’s uncertainties.