Many Filipinos started working abroad and ended up living there. Economic reasons are usually the main cause why Filipinos migrate. Career opportunities overseas promise salaries that are higher than what they could earn here from doing the same job. In addition to that are issues with unemployment and underemployment in the country which create insecurity.

The Philippines has been facing economic instability and inflation due to a weakened Peso; thus compelling more Filipinos to live in another country. As it is a huge decision to make, it is essential to know the preparations that must be done before migrating to another country.

Essential tips to know when preparing to move abroad

Weigh the pros and cons.

Deciding to move abroad is not easy especially if one is planning to stay there for years or even permanently. Weigh the pros and cons of your decision. Will the move be worth it to leave the country? Assess what’s at stake. Ensure that moving abroad would bring more benefits to make it worth the sacrifice.

Be emotionally prepared.

It’s not easy to live in another country. It comes with sacrifices especially if one will be on his/her own. Develop strategies that will boost emotional preparedness.

● Make arrangements on how regular communication with loved ones in the Philippines can be done on a regular basis.
● Plan to connect with friends in a new country and make new friends. This will make settling down easier.
● Once there, develop a routine to set expectations on what will happen from day to day.
● Plan a trip back to the Philippines to have something to look forward to and be energized by the idea of being reunited with loved ones when the right time comes.

Research countries.

There are lots of beautiful countries in the world but the best choice depends on personal preferences. Do your research about countries that are best for migration. Remember, finding a country for leisure is different from finding one that you plan to make your second home. Below are some of the basic considerations when finding a country.

● Language - settling in a new country would be easier if the language barrier is overcome. Study their language to avoid problems with communication.
● Culture - some practices or gestures that are considered good in one country may be offensive in another. Know their culture as a show of respect and to ensure that unnecessary conflicts will be avoided.
● People - it is also important to know the type of people who live in a country. This will give one an overview of what living would be like in that place.

Migrate with the family.

It might be difficult to decide to move abroad for someone who has a family. Fortunately, some countries are best to migrate with the family and offer permanent residency. Canada ranks on top of the best countries for migration. However, one should look into personal considerations too such as:

● Safety
● Environment
● Education
● Employment
● Health programs

Look for career opportunities.

This is one of the most important things that must be done before deciding to move abroad. One has to be employed to live a smooth and comfortable life. Know the career opportunities that are present in the country to migrate in. Will the expected salary be enough to meet the cost of living? Are there openings for your profession or areas of specialization? It is also important to know the requirements that must be prepared before the move.

Invest in life insurance.

One can have peace of mind knowing that while abroad, his/her future is also taken care of. A life insurance plan is a fallback that anyone would want in case one decides to retire in the Philippines and be home for good. This should be acquired before moving abroad to ensure that during the golden years, the quality of life will be preserved and fears of instability will be avoided.

Life insurance would also be a suitable option for the parents or family members of the one migrating. Plans for different age groups are available. With a life insurance plan, one can be confident that emergency needs will be met even while he/she is away.


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Moving abroad is a huge decision to make. Each person has different circumstances, goals, and priorities that need to be considered. Some preparations must be done to ensure that the move abroad will bring benefits and not the other way around.


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