Chinese communities have been present in the Philippines since the Spanish era. Chinese-Filipinos or Tsinoys have also emerged from intermarriages. Although they don’t make up the majority of the population, they’ve made their presence felt in society through their achievements — particularly in the business sector. They have also greatly influenced local culture, which is very much evident in the celebration of the Chinese new year.

But whether you are Chinese-Filipino or pure Pinoy, you could be one of those who look forward to Chinese New Year celebrations and traditions – especially those with the promise of abundance and prosperity.

Ready to make good fortune this Year of the Ox? Follow these CNY traditions and tilt the odds to your favor.

Chinese New Year traditions that attract good fortune

1.    Conduct a general cleaning before Chinese New Year.
Just like the Filipino tradition of ridding the house of mess and dirt in time for New Year’s Eve, house cleaning before Chinese New Year is also practiced. This act of cleansing is believed to help get rid of of “huiqi,” or inauspicious breaths, and appease the gods who would come down from heaven to inspect.

REMEMBER: Cleaning must be done before and NOT after Chinese New Year as it may sweep away any good fortune bound your way.

2.    Wear red and give red.
Red is a special color in Chinese culture, making this shade prevalent during festivities such as Chinese New Year. This color is a symbol of energy, happiness, vitality, strength, and good luck. During CNY, it has been a tradition to wear something red. Traditional Chinese also give out “ang pao” (red envelopes) as it is believed to bring the giver and receiver good luck and long life.

3.    Make noise on the eve of Chinese New Year.
Fireworks and firecrackers are expected to be part of any CNY celebration. The noises created are believed to drive away bad spirits and unfortunate events. In the Philippines, people also use car horns, cooking utensils, and other improvised objects to create noise.

4.    Gather with the family for Chinese New Year’s Eve dinner.
As with the media noche, Chinese New Year’s Eve dinner is also very important. Family members have to be present for it. It is also during this auspicious gathering that traditional food are served and eaten together.

Lucky food should be present at the dinner table, such as:

·         Fish - to increase prosperity

·         Dumplings - to attract wealth

·         Spring rolls - to attract wealth

·         Sweet rice balls - to unite the family

·         Glutinous rice cake - for higher income

·         Longevity noodles - for happiness and longevity

·         Round and golden fruit - for fullness and wealth

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Like CNY traditions, the Chinese community has shared important values that in turn influenced Filipino culture. One of these life lessons is to learn and establish good financial practices that will help you keep afloat, no matter what fortune the Year of the Ox may bring.  Saving money is a good start. Knowing where to spend your money wisely will help protect your hard-earned savings and keep you on track to achieving your goals. 

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