However, there is more to Daniel’s savings than meets the eye. If you look closely, you can learn underestimated but effective investing moves that can help build your portfolio into millions. Here are some moves you inspired by his character:

  1. Invest your windfall
    When an unexpected bonus or inheritance comes your way, be like Daniel who invested an initial Php 2 Million and grew it to Php 6 Million. Don’t be intimidated as mutual fund investing is for everyone! In fact, you can start investing for as low as Php 100.

  2. Consistency is key
    Every month, Daniel puts Php 10,000 in his Sun Life Prosperity Equity Fund. He never missed. After 15 years, his initial investment grew three-fold to around Php6-M.

  3. Commit your funds to a goal
    We can surmise that Daniel started his savings for a bright purpose, perhaps for a business or a milestone trip. Then life happened and his circumstances changed, which prompted a shift to what his mutual fund investments are for. However, one thing remains true: Tying your funds to a goal makes it easier to be consistent and stay the course.

There are many factors affecting Fund performance, involving risks, variables, and uncertainties. No guarantee is presented or implied since actual returns may vary among different funds and investment periods. It’s still best to talk to a Sun Life Financial Advisor for a comprehensive financial needs review.

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