Choosing your advisor equates to choosing that person you can trust when it comes to picking the right insurance and/or investment that you'll spend years paying for. A good advisor will get to know your situation to create a financial plan that balances your overall needs and available resources like paying capacity. It's an important and potentially life-changing choice so if you're not satisfied with who you're speaking with, know that you don’t have to settle. If you’re searching for a financial advisor, take note of these suggestions to help you choose the right Sun Life advisor for you.

Tips on finding your advisor match

1. Gauge your comfort level

A good factor to weigh in is your comfort level in dealing with them. The idea is you should not pick someone who makes you feel uncomfortable since you will be disclosing important and private information to your future advisor.

2. Prepare answers ahead for the basic questions

It might intimidate you to hear a new person asking privy questions related to your income, debts, medical history, dependents, goals, and other obligations that might affect your ability to pay. Some people may unintentionally respond with inaccurate information out of surprise. It will help to have these details readily available by listing them in advance. It might also make you at ease to know that discussions with Sun Life advisors are confidential and each session is a safe space

3. Ask questions

A deeper level of understanding happens when both parties communicate. Feel free to ask your potential advisor about their expertise, depth of experience, credibility, Sun Life history, and anything you want to understand better. You can also ask about the scope of service that you can expect from your potential advisor to establish a common ground of expectations and obligations.

4. Consider a criteria

It's a smart move to add some filters to your advisor preference, especially in terms of location since it will be easier to meet up in the future should the need arise. You also have the freedom to pick someone who you think has a similar background if this is an important factor for you. An example is working with someone who used to be an overseas worker if you are an Overseas Filipino. You will benefit from that added wisdom when it comes to customizing your plan. It will all depend on your preferences, which is also why it is important to ask questions and take that chance to get to know your potential advisor during the no-obligation financial consultation.

5. Spot for scams

Many fraud attempts now happen on email, websites, apps, and social media. Rather than communicating with social media pages that claim that they are financial advisors, if they have no way to prove their legitimacy, do not share any information with them. A fool-proof and secure way to get endorsed to a legitimate Sun Life advisor is by scheduling an appointment here.

6. Consult people you trust for referrals

Ask around for advisors who people you know can positively vouch for. If you have no idea what to ask them, here are some you can start with:

  •  How long have you been working with the advisor?
  •  Does the advisor respond to your questions and your calls?
  •  How often do you hear from the advisor?
  •  Did the advisor ever call to update about company promos for clients, new products, or about any changes that can affect their policy?
  •  Did they ever disappoint?
  •  Are you satisfied with their service?

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Talking with the right advisor should evoke a reassuring thought that you are on your path to a brighter future. We hope these tips will help you find your right advisor match at Sun Life!