Many Filipinos work hard to provide the best education, adequate healthcare, and a comfortable life for themselves and their loved ones. While hard work can help achieve these goals, it is not enough. There are other steps that must be taken to secure the future they have dreamt of.

In the press conference that launched Sarah Geronimo-Guidicelli as Sun Life Philippines’ newest brand ambassador, Sarah and her husband, Matteo Guidicelli, gave some key takeaways on how to achieve sustainable financial and career success. Here are 5 important lessons from real partners for life, Sarah and Matteo: 


1. Be a responsible adult

Matteo and Sarah embraced the responsibilities that came with adulting. It was clear to them that they needed to start life as a couple properly. They know that they need to be hands-on with their finances and were not hesitant to discuss money matters too. 

In the Philippines, where many families consider money matters as a sensitive topic, couples are often hesitant to discuss their finances even with their significant other. While it may be uncomfortable, it is essential in building a successful relationship. 

Break the taboo and be comfortable in discussing money matters with your partner. Financial discussions can pave the way for a successful and sustainable relationship. 

2. Have a support system

The people you surround yourself with can impact your personal and professional development. They have a significant role in how our thoughts, beliefs, and actions are formed. During the interview, Sarah was quoted saying, “We need to be surrounded by people na trustworthy...lalo na people who’s on the ground with you, who will be completely honest with you.”

Fortunately for her, she has the support of her husband and father-in-law who are successful entrepreneurs themselves and are very generous in sharing their financial knowledge and practices. In addition to that, her recent partnership with Sun Life made her a part of a community that can further pave her path to sustainable financial and career success.

3. Invest for growth potential

In the entertainment industry where competition is stiff, Sarah finds the heart to develop talents and help them succeed, too. She thinks not only of herself but also exhibits generosity in exploring opportunities to support other artists. She's very much into collaborating and has a genuine desire to help others who show great potential.

As visionaries, the couple has big dreams for Filipino artists. They aim for legitimacy and credibility and want talented artists to hit success the way K-Pop groups have invaded the international scene. They take on the challenge not only with a business mindset but with the genuine intention to lift the entertainment industry.

4. Expand your expertise 

Matteo is a very supportive husband to Sarah. He encouraged her to be hands-on in managing their finances—from budgeting to accounting. Though already considered one of the most successful artists of today’s generation, Sarah, together with her husband, is now exploring a different path as a business owner in the entertainment industry.

The couple started their latest ventures, “G Productions” and “G Studios”. Matteo believes that Sarah is a natural in business. He guided her in these new projects and provided the encouragement needed for her to work on her strengths and gain creative control by doing what she does best.

5. Find a reliable and trusted partner 

“Success is partnership. Maraming tumulong sa akin in my own journey as an artist. And now as a business owner, nandyan ang life partner ko and my dependable Partner for Life, Sun Life, to help me,” Sarah said.


Sun Life, as a Partner for Life, encourages people to make the step towards financial independence. Many are intimidated by investments, but the company has opened opportunities to invest for as low as PhP100.00. With Sun Life, you can find a partner who will help you take advantage of long-term investments that may appreciate in the future.

There are different factors that contribute to sustainable financial and career success. Like Sarah and Matteo, you can also find a Partner for Life who can work your way to financial freedom. Make the step towards a brighter future and talk to a Sun Life financial advisor today!


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