Sun Life Prosperity Balanced Fund

Let your investments shine through with the Balanced Fund

The Sun Life Prosperity Balanced Fund is ideal for:

RISK TOLERANCE: Low to Moderate

Balanced Fund Risk Tolerance


Balanced Fund Investment Horizon

Minimum Initial Investment Amount                   PHP 1,000

Minimum Additional Investment Amount            PHP 1,000

Sun Life Prosperity Balanced Fund reports:

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Just as its name implies, the Sun Life Prosperity Balanced Fund is the middle of bonds and equities -- a mix of fixed income and investments with high growth potential, like stocks/equity securities.

Traditionally, you can use the Sun Life Prosperity Balanced Fund to build wealth over time while seeking other investment avenues. Balanced funds are channels for diversification, too, as they provide potential steady income from fixed income securities, and growth potential from equity investments.

The Sun Life Prosperity Balanced Fund is for you if:

  • You are ready to invest and are currently looking at a long-term investing horizon
  • You are willing to take the risk but are not ready to have 100% exposure in the equity/stock market. The 'bond' portion of the Fund helps cushion the risks, should the stock market be fluctuating unfavorably.

Board of Directors - Sun Life Prosperity Balanced Fund, Inc.
Benedicto C. Sison – Chairman
Maria Josefina A. Castillo - Director
Cielito F. Habito – Independent Director
Aleli Angela G. Quirino – Independent Director
Oscar S. Reyes – Independent Director

Board of Officers - Sun Life Prosperity Balanced Fund, Inc.

Maria Josefina A. Castillo – President
Candy S. Esteban - Treasurer
Jemilyn S. Camania – Compliance Officer, Money Laundering Reporting Officer and Data Protection Officer
Anna Katrina C. Kabigting-Ibero – Corporate Secretary
Frances Ianna S. Canto – Assistant Corporate Secretary