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Sun RISE or Regular Investments Simplified for Employees is a workplace savings plan for employees. It is a group investment program that allows members to invest in peso-denominated Sun Life Prosperity Funds for as low as PHP300. This can be done though monthly contributions from their salaries.

Employees may also continue their mutual fund investment even after resignation from the company of retirement. It is convenient, affordable and portable. With the Sun RISE program, employees are able to INVEST FIRST before spending their salaries. 

The program is now also fully supported by the newly-developed Sun RISE Portal! The portal was specially designed for company representatives to efficiently administer the program and for members to conveniently view and manage the contributions to their investments. Learn more about this platform in the quick start guide links below.

Sun RISE Program Benefits

1. Improved Employee Retention: Go beyond paying salaries– help employees manage their money and journey to their brighter future.

2. Enhanced Financial Literacy in the Workplace: Help build a more financially-literate workforce through regular financial planning sessions with employees. 

3. Free Program: Completely FREE program that will complement existing employee benefits

4. Online Portal for HR Administrators: Efficiently manage the program through the Sun RISE Portal for enrollment requests, change in monthly contribution requests, processing of monthly subscriptions, and more!

1. Convenience: Invest automatically from your payroll account via monthly salary deductions

2. Affordable: For as low as PHP 300 per month, you invest in diverse and high-yielding investments that usually require a much larger amount.

3. Develop an Investing Habit: You automatically invest and reduce the risk of spending your entire income.

4. Increase Your Earning Potential: Investing in mutual funds have a higher earning potential compared to traditional bank deposits.

5. Portability: Continue your investment even after resignation or retirement.

6. Peso Cost Averaging: An automatic investment plan reduces the overall cost of your investment since you receive more shares when the price is low, offsetting periods that give you fewer shares when the price is high.

7. Professional Fund Management: The Sun Life Prosperity Funds are managed by investment professionals, dedicated to providing competitive returns over the long term. 

8. Online Portal for Members: Enjoy 24/7 access to your account using the Sun RISE Portal where you can view/filter all your transactions, change your monthly contribution amount, suspend/resume monthly contributions, redeem from your investment, and convert your Sun RISE account into an individual account.



To know more about Sun RISE, get in touch with us at or 8555-8888 local 5885/ 6647. You may also contact your Sun Life Financial Advisor.