• 1 C Banana, frozen overnight
  • 1 C Mangoes, frozen overnight
  • Optional: 1 C Boiled Pumpkin, frozen overnight
  • 1 C Cashew milk (or any none dairy milk like Almond, Soy or Coconut)
  • 1/4 C fresh Malunggay leaves or 1 tbsp Moringga powder



  1. Using a high-speed blender, Pulse frozen ingredients with the non-dairy milk. It is important to do this with patience and allow the ingredients to melt on its own inside the blender without adding too much liquid as you want it thick enough to be an ice cream instead of a smoothie.
  2. When the ingredients are well-combined, add Malunggay and blend well.
  3. Top with Cacao nibs, Chia seeds, dried fruits, desiccated Coconut or nut butter.
  4. Serve cold.


Note: You can use any frozen fruits from Strawberries, Papaya, or Coconut, but I recommend you use one fruit and one root crop like Sweet Potato or Pumpkin so that its not too sugary.