Most athletes swear by it as a great source of complex carbohydrates. It is also high in beta-carotene, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory nutrients, and, believe it or not, this starchy root vegetable can also help control our blood sugar. We’re talking about sweet potato or Kamote as we locally know it. Here are 5 easy ways to prepare the Kamote and incorporate it into your diet:

  1. Just boil or steam your sweet potato and eat once it is cool. This is one of the best ways to ensure that nutrients in the sweet potato are preserved and you reap the many health benefits of kamote.
  2. Slice your kamote in thin strips. Place them on a baking sheet, drizzle with olive oil, and bake until crispy for your own healthy version of fries. Feel free to add nutmeg or cinnamon for extra flavor.
  3. Mash boiled or steamed kamote. Add salt and pepper and serve as a siding for lunch or dinner.
  4. Puree baked sweet potatoes with 1/4 cup Greek-style yogurt and a dash of curry powder, salt, and pepper. Use this as a dip for crackers, carrots, or celery.
  5. Slice sweet potatoes thinly. Drizzle olive oil and add your preferred amount of chili powder, ground cumin, and salt. Place on a baking sheet and roast until crispy.