The health benefits of adding Apple Cider Vinegar in your diet is no new news.

But let’s admit, vinegar isn’t exactly a treat you’d look forward to drinking.

In an attempt to make ACV palatable, I discovered a detoxifying beverage that works well as a morning cleanser or as a chilled cocktail you can enjoy anytime. The great thing about it is that every ingredient has its purpose.


Apple Cider Vinegar – Packed with potassium, magnesium, enzymes and probiotics that are good for your gut, ACV is great for balancing out acid levels in the body and therefore aids in acid reflux. It also helps lower blood pressure and improves digestion.

Lemon Water – The vitamin C in lemon gives the body an immunity boost. Lemon water brings the body’s Ph levels up. Acidic as it may seem, this citrus fruit actually alkalizes the body and helps increase metabolism.

Cinnamon - A powerful antioxidant, Cinnamon does not only taste good, it does the body a lot of good too. Its anti-inflammatory properties help fight infections and viruses. Regular consumption of cinnamon naturally keeps teeth and gums healthy too.

Cayenne – Just like ACV and lemon, Cayenne aids in digestion and gives the body’s metabolism a super boost.


What you’ll need

2-4 Tbsps. Raw, Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar (I use Bragg’s)

Juice from half to a whole lemon

16 oz of water (warm if drinking it first thing in the morning, ice cold if as a cocktail)

Dash of Cinnamon Powder

Dash of Cayenne Pepper


Put it together

Combine all ingredients in a mason jar or tumbler, shake and pour.

Turn it into a cocktail

Add a handful of ice and a teaspoon of table or sea salt (optional) before shaking your beverage.

I, personally, like my beverage sour and spicy so I prefer not to add any sugar or sweetener. But feel free to use Agave, Coconut Nectar or Stevia to yours to make sure it’s something you’ll enjoy.


Tip: Drink vinegar and lemon beverages through a straw (ideally ones that are reusable if you’re making this a habit) to protect the enamel of your teeth.