Continuous workouts (two to six days a week)

Continuous type of cardio workouts like brisk-walking, running and cycling can greatly improve your endurance because your heart rate stays on a steady state and then gradually increases for the whole workout duration. Yes you can burn more calories since you can last for more than 20 minutes with this type of workout.


Interval training (at least once a week or most days of the week on alternate days)

Your heart rate alternates between moderate to high intensity during the duration of the workout. Current studies show that interval type of workouts where high-intensity interval training (H.I.I.T) is applied like circuit training, boxing, running, or cycling can help exercisers burn more calories during and even after the session. Unlike continuous training, interval workouts can be done on a shorter period of time, so more recovery time (at least a day) is needed for the body to repair itself.


Core and resistance training (at least twice a week)

Engage in full-body resistance training to build muscles so you can have a faster metabolism (you can burn more calories even while at rest) and develop a strong core (combined muscles of the lower torso and hips), so you can effectively train your body without compromising form and exercise execution so you can be injury-free. Resistance and core training can be done using popular exercise equipment such as dumbbells, exercise bands, suspension trainers or even just your own bodyweight.


Real-life fitness (once to four times a month)

Engage yourself in physical activities where you can apply your fitness skills resulting from your regular exercise routine. It can be your favourite sports like triathlon, basketball or racquet sports, seasonal competitions like run races or Crossfit challenges, and/out outdoor activities like hiking and water sports. These real-life fitness activities can always increase your motivation to improve your fitness level and to stay consistent in your present exercise activities.


Mind-body workouts (at least once a week)

Prepare yourself with workout experiences that will uplift your senses, depending on your current psychological and emotional needs. If you’re stressed out from work or relationships, it might be good to look for a yoga or Pilates class because these workouts can help you to become more aware of your body by focusing more on proper breathing and detailed flow of movements.