It’s official, it’s day one of your gym membership and you’ve got your leg muscles to train! Although the very thought of training legs is daunting – think of those viral memes of people struggling to walk the next day – you know deep down inside these must be trained. Everyone knows that good leg development helps to improve your metabolism and so these must be included in your exercise program. But how?

  1. Dumbbell Goblet Squats. These types of squats may have a funny name but they are wonderful in building strength and size on the legs. Not only that, they are also great in recruiting the core and upper body as well to help convert this exercise into a total body workout experience. To perform a dumbbell goblet squat, stand with legs shoulder width apart with a dumbbell just in front of you. Then pick up the dumbbell and hold it in front of your chest. Brace your core and then begin to bend at the hips and knees towards the ground. Remember to keep good posture in the trunk of your body. Once you are down as far as possible, return back to the starting position.
  2. Medicine Ball Lunges. Medicine ball lunges are simple yet effective. The beauty of lunges is that they allow you to isolate each leg individually so you can focus on working each one at a time. Start your medicine ball lunges by standing shoulder width apart. Take a step forward with your left leg. While keeping your torso upright and medicine ball near your chest, start to lower yourself to the ground until your right knee is hovering just above the ground. Once you’re there, return back to the starting position.


Train Your Legs Better!

Time to get to work. Training your legs is easy once you have these two leg exercises in your program. These are essentials in resistance training. They are fantastic in leg development and will drive your health & fitness results in the right direction.