I know what you’re thinking.

It’s that time of year again where you’re outdoors more. There are parties every few days and you need to look good everywhere. Your fashion sense is fine – it’s just the arms. They’re kind of falling behind a bit. It’s so obvious every time you look in the mirror and, now it’s do or die. They need to be bigger, more toned and more defined AND now. But how?

Luckily, you found this article!


The Anatomy of Arms

In a nutshell, arms are made of two key muscle groups – the triceps and the biceps. First up, the biceps are at the front of the arm and the triceps are at the back of the arm.

Technically triceps have the potential to be bigger than biceps and so proportionally that’s how you train them as well.

While both the triceps and biceps work in harmony with the shoulders and the forearms, here you’ll learn about a few key exercises that isolate and focus on toning and defining your arms. Let’s start!

  1. The classic dumbell bicep curls. This bicep exercise utilises dumbells to create the right resistance for your arms. Perform them together or alternatively – either way you’ll get a good muscle pump.
  2. Barbell bicep curls - the standard in bicep development. This is the standard in bicep training. Barbell bicep curls will also give you the resistance and the stability to lift the right amount of weight to train your arms.
  3. Tricep bench dips. There’s nothing that grows the triceps to their potential better than tricep bench dips. These are performed on a bench, the body supported on your arms – simply lower yourself to the ground and then return to the start. Tip: keep good posture throughout the movement.
  4. Tricep overhead press. Tricep overhead press, or the “French press,” will help you to really focus on each arm individually. Simply hold a dumbbell overhead and extend then straighten the arm. Feel the triceps burn!


Train Those Arms!

It’s time to make it happen. Training your arms is easy once you have the foundations in place. The two abovementioned bicep exercises are essentials in the world of resistance training. Similarly, the two tricep exercises are fantastic in arm development and will drive your results in the right direction.