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Achieving Big Dreams Starts With Small Steps with the Sun Life Prosperity Peso Starter Fund.

What's good about the Fund 


  • Get More Value From Your Money. This mutual fund is designed to provide potential higher annual returns than a regular savings account.

  • Easy On The Wallet. For as low as P100 only, it’s an easy way to start your investment journey. Continue investing with same amount until you become ready to diversify to buy other Sun Life investments or your own Sun Life insurance policy.

  • Redeem Funds When You Need It. The Fund is very liquid that should the need arise, you can redeem your shares after 7 day holding period with no redemption fees.

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Who is the Fund for 

Whether you are new or a seasoned investor, the Sun Life Prosperity Peso Starter Fund can be for you.



How to start investing in the Fund 

Invest in the Sun Life Prosperity Peso Starter Fund with these 3 easy steps and start your journey to prosperity.

1. To start investing, click the Invest Now button below

2. Fill out the form and Investor Suitability Assessment (ISA)

3. Choose the desired payment method from the available options


Not Sure Which Fund is For You?

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