SUN Pro Financial Suite

A Gift to your Future Self

As Professionals, we are givers especially in service and attention. During the holidays, we give gifts to family, friends, colleagues, and even to valued clients. It is a tradition to show how much they are appreciated, valued, and loved.

However, the holidays are also a bright time to be grateful for the past while also looking to the future with hope. A gift that can keep on giving, like financial independence.

If you are generous with others, why not send a gift too for your future self? Here are future-self gift ideas to consider:

  • Gift of Secured Golden Years – Retirement basically is like a lifetime vacation without income flowing – unless you have prepared ahead for it. And for Professionals, whether you choose a retirement of service or leisure, being financially independent is critical.

With SUN Pro Retirement Kit, you guarantee yourself regular cash benefits while having double insurance coverage for life.

  • Gift of Learning – As professionals, we know how important education is – but it comes at a cost. After all, education is key to providing better service and brighter opportunities. And if you have kids, their tuition and other fees are likely to go higher each year.

The SUN Pro Education Pack offers you four (4) increasing and guaranteed cash benefits to help cover for the rising cost of education. You may use these funds for your kids’, your partner’s, or for your own pursuits.

  • Gift of Health Security and Prosperity – Being healthy is a one of the brighter ways to be wealthy, especially if you are a breadwinner. It allows you to enjoy the fruits of your hard work. However, while one may face health challenges over time, the price of healthcare tends to increase as you age.

The SUN Pro Health Plan ensures you have ready funds should serious illness strike. The plan offers benefits that may help cover the high cost of treatment and recovery due to critical illness, including confinement, allowing you to protect the wealth you have built over time. 

Treat yourself to the best gift you can get for the future. Soon, that older you would look back and thank your younger self for sending the precious gift of lifetime financial security and living healthier lives.

Note: Benefits indicated above are subject to the specific guidelines set by Sun Life and the actual provisions of the insurance policy contract.