Congratulations! You have reached the final lesson for the Getting Started module!

By now, we hope you have started the habit of saving and investing for the financial goals that you have identified. But habits need momentum in order for it to become part of your lifestyle. So to make you even more excited for the next steps in your journey, it’s time to meet the Financial Planning Pyramid.

The Financial Planning Pyramid shows the whole picture of achieving a secure and stable future. It is composed of three levels:

  1. Wealth Protection (base) covers for unexpected incidents like job loss and illness. Included are savings, emergency fund, and eliminating debt.
  2. Wealth Accumulation (2nd level) builds financial ability for retirement and other life milestones. This can be achieved through investments.
  3. Wealth Transfer (3rd level) ensures the efficient transfer of wealth to intended beneficiaries. More popularly known as estate planning.

But always remember: financial planning is a process, so the basics of budgeting, saving, and investing always apply at ALL levels of the pyramid.

We hope that you will pursue the path towards prosperity. Keep the momentum and see how much brighter your life can be!

See you at our next modules!

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