There is excitement and joy in the family every time they open a balik-bayan box. It has, after all, become a symbol of care and love. More than a “padala” or a “pasalubong,” the balik-bayan box is an expression of gratitude to to the parents of OFWs, who takes care of their children while they are away from home. But as OFW’s parents take care of their families back home, who takes care of the OFW?

OFWs always dream of having a better life for their family so here are three balik-bayan gift ideas to consider that you can give your parents to show your appreciation.


1.     B – Bright Retirement

Parents of overseas Filipino workers usually are the ones who takes care of the family, especially the children, when both parents work abroad. Although some of them have the means to support the OF family, most of our parents are either already retired or are preparing to retire. We don’t want to deprive them of this benefit as we seek a better future away from home, right?

One way to help them take care of your family is to set up financial safety nets for them. What does this mean? Instead of canned goods, body products, shoes, bags, and other apparel you put inside the balik-bayan box, send them something that will sustain them. You can help them start a side-hustle or a home business, like a small grocery or an online shop. You can also send money specifically for them to open a mutual fund account for their retirement. In this way, they can retire comfortably and worry-free and yet still have something to do, as they watch your family in the comforts of their homes.

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2.     O – Over-all Peace of Mind

No matter how old you get, parents will always be parents. They will never tire of being concerned for you and the welfare of your family, especially when you are away from home. They are concerned for your family’s welfare as they worry about you because you’re all alone in a foreign land.

With the latest gadgets you’ve already sent your children, ask your kids to teach your parents how to use this technology. Call, chat or video call them once in a while to let them know that you are ok. Another gift you can give them is a mutual fund for emergency situations. In this way, you will have them covered during a family crisis or an unexpected circumstance even if you are away from home. There’s nothing more reassuring for your parents than knowing you are safe, and at they are protected in times of uncertainty.

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3.      X – eXtraordinary Health Care

Medicines, health supplements, and vitamins are basic items in every balik-bayan box. These products are essential usually for senior parents and other older members of the family back home. Because we know that “magastos ang magkasakit,” we try to guarantee their health in a bottle of a vitamin pack.

One of the more suitable and cost-efficient gifts you can give them is a complete health package that deals with the evolving health needs of your parents. Preventive care programs, check-ups, treatment and rehabilitation coverages, and other special benefits are just some of the benefits from the perfect balik-bayan box that will be useful in ensuring your parents healthcare.

These gift ideas are lasting gifts that will make a lasting impact on your parents’ self-worth, peace of mind, and health. Show them that you are also ready to take care of them as they take care of your family back home. The balik-bayan box represents all your sacrifices, thoughtfulness, and care. Learn how to avail these packages full of love by talking to Shine Pinoy Expert today.

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