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Sun Life Foundation


From world wars to building a nation, Sun Life in the Philippines led an illustrious history that bore witness to the struggles and triumphs of Filipinos.

It was in 1895, three years before the Republic of the Philippines was officially founded, when Sun Life first set foot in the country with the mission of giving Filipinos the opportunity to enjoy the humanitarian benefits of insurance. When it established its roots in colonial Manila, Sun Life made a commitment to help Filipinos achieve a sustainable future. Through world wars and economic downturns, Sun Life bore witness to a country’s journey towards financial prosperity and security. And for a nation that has nurtured the company for more than a century, it was finally time to give back.

In 1992, Sun Life started Sharing Hope and Resources for Education and Social Services or S.H.A.R.E.S. bringing together Sun Life volunteers who wanted to make a difference. Incorporated in 2007, the Sun Life Foundation became the culmination of our deep and collective desire to help alleviate the plight of those most in need. Here, our  mission to create a Brighter World takes flight through different meaningful initiatives aimed towards nation-building –one individual, one family, one community at a time.

For Sun Life, a Brighter World ensures the future of generations while creating a prosperous present. Through Sun Life Foundation, Sun Life makes sure that no Filipino gets left behind. 


We are a committed corporate foundation successful in sustaining community transformation initiatives.


To uplift the lives of Filipinos by providing financial resources, time and talents in support of education, good health, and a whole environment.  


Sun Life Foundation provides grants to academic institutions and registered non-profit organizations to support their programs and enable them to serve more Filipinos in need.

The Foundation’s intended beneficiaries include, but is not limited to:

Vulnerable and disadvantaged individuals, specially but not limited to children and the youth, who lack access to basic education and healthcare

Poor, vulnerable families that need support in times of distress/emergencies

Economically depressed and/or geographically isolated communities that will benefit from sustainable humanitarian and development projects

Registered organizations that implement or has the capacity to implement programs and services aligned with our philanthropic priorities. Sun Life Foundation only supports organizations that provide services without regard to race, religion, creed, sex or sexual orientation.


With the future in mind, Sun Life Foundation continues to shape the lives of hundreds of Filipinos by granting access to learning opportunities, innovative tools and enriching activities making sure they get a head start to a brighter tomorrow.

Health and wellness enable Filipinos to live brighter lives. Sun Life Foundation sets out to help the disadvantaged get access to the healthcare services they need. From basic nutrition to major surgeries, the Foundation makes sure Filipinos get the chance they deserve to live better and brighter.

Our philanthropic initiatives raise awareness  for and directly combat environmental degradation. Clean-up drives and sustainability campaigns help future generations to make informed decisions, create climate-conscious communities, and enjoy a future without insecurity for natural resources.

Disasters often disproportionately impact low-income communities and marginalized groups that may have fewer resources to recover. Sun Life tailors many philanthropic efforts to address the specific needs of these vulnerable populations.


As much as we want to work with everyone, our philanthropic guidelines do not allow us to consider funding applications from the following:

  • Organizations that do not qualify as a registered charity
  • Religious organizations whose programs are limited to members of a specific religious denomination.  However, non-denominational programs by religious groups intended for the general good of the community, may be considered
  • Individuals or individual pursuits (Our scholarship grants are managed by our academic partners)
  • Fraternities, lodges, toastmaster societies, and other recreational or self-improvement organizations where participation is intended primarily for the personal advancement or benefit of the participant
  • Service clubs such as the Rotary Club, Lions’ Club, etc.
  • Advocacy or special interest groups
  • Major capital campaigns
  • Debt-reduction campaigns
  • Conferences, seminars and workshops
  • Sports clubs, sports teams, or sporting events
  • Local, regional or provincial campaigns or agencies affiliated with a national organization that is already receiving corporate support
  • Professional and technical associations
  • Event sponsorships. However, events with philanthropic component with direct impact on intended beneficiaries may be considered


Sun Life Foundation invests in the youth, giving them access to quality education so they can get a head start to a brighter tomorrow.


As a donor-giving body, Sun Life Foundation builds lasting and impactful partnerships that can pave the way to a brighter world.  Every year, we seek out organizations who are committed to serving vulnerable and neglected sectors.

  • ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation, Inc.
  • AHA Behavioral Design
  • AHA Learning Center
  • Cartwheel Foundation
  • Children of Asia
  • Good Neighbors
  • Kythe Foundation
  • NVC Foundation
  • Rare Inc.
  • Solar Village Foundation
  • World Wide Fund for Nature
  • World Surgical Foundation
  • The Philippine Red Cross
  • ASKI Foundation
  • Forest Foundation Philippines


Generations of Sun Lifers have shaped the history and identity of the Sun Life Foundation. Fondly called Brighter World Builders, our volunteer force embodies the true heart of service: sincere, unwavering, and committed to making a difference.


We're a diverse group with a shared dream: to help build a brighter world for as many Filipinos as we can. With our collective experience and unwavering commitment, we are able to touch and change hundreds of thousands of lives every year.

Kristine Dianne MilleteExecutive Director

Reiza Ayla BañegaLead for Programs & Partnerships

Stephanie Anne LoanzonPrograms & Volunteer Management Specialist

Czarina Zenneth BucasFinance & Administration Specialist

Benedicto C. SisonChairman

Alexander S. NarcisoTrustee

Valerie N. PamaTrustee

Dr. Gerardo D. LegaspiIndependent Trustee

Kara Patria C. David-CancioIndependent Trustee

Benedicto C. SisonChairman

Alexander S. NarcisoPresident

Valerie N. PamaVice-President

Maria Josefina A. CastilloTreasurer

Roselle L. LustreInternal Auditor

Maria Teresa A. CoCompliance Officer, Data Protection Officer and Money Laundering Reporting Officer

Kristine Dianne C. MilleteExecutive Director

Ria V. MercadoRisk Officer

Anna Katrina C. Kabigting-IberoCorporate Secretary

Frances Ianna S. CantoAssistant Corporate Secretary



Get an e-copy of Sun Life’s first financial literacy story & activity book.

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Make the world a better place for those in need today.

We are looking for more partners in building a brighter world! We work with registered partner organizations whose advocacies align with ours.  Download our Partner Application Form and tell us your bold and beautiful advocacies for EDUCATION, HEALTH, and ENVIRONMENT. Send it to


Download the Partner application form

If you are a Sun Life employee or advisor, join us in making a difference. Watch out for announcements and volunteer invitations sent via email and posted in Workplace or in your Sun Life Facebook group. Invite your team, department, branch, or unit to host your own giving-back activity. Write to to express your intent and we can help you get started.

Download the Collaboration Request Form