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Press release

September 11, 2023

Tapping Opportunities Beyond Borders with Sun Peso Maximizer (Hybrid Income)

Sun Life of Canada (Philippines), Inc. (Sun Life) has launched the Sun Peso Maximizer (Hybrid Income), a single-pay, Peso-denominated investment-linked insurance product that enables clients to tap global investment opportunities while preserving their capital.

The Sun Peso Maximizer (Hybrid Income) plan invests in credit and equity-linked notes that provide fixed annual income payouts for the first six years. This limited-offer product matures after seven years and aims to give back 100% of the client’s premium in addition to potential returns of the underlying performance asset.

“Sun Life’s new product allows our clients to grow their wealth while protecting their capital. It is a good alternative that addresses their investment diversification needs,” Sun Life of Canada (Philippines), Inc. President Alex Narciso said.

It also provides life insurance coverage equal to at least 125% of the single premium.

“The Sun Peso Maximizer is a complete financial solution. Aside from offering clients potential returns through global investments, it also provides capital protection, regular annual income payouts, and more importantly, life insurance coverage for security and peace of mind,” Narciso added.

The Sun Peso Maximizer (Hybrid Income) is available for a limited time only. Those interested can look forward to hassle-free application and policy approval through the Guaranteed Insurability Offer, subject to the terms and conditions set by Sun Life.

To know more, visit or talk to a Sun Life financial advisor via