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Press release

February 08, 2022

Sun Life Levels-up Support for Healthcare Workers and Other Professionals

Echoing its unwavering desire to protect and support health workers and other professionals during the height of the pandemic, Sun Life Financial Philippines (Sun Life) through its life insurance arm, Sun Life of Canada (Philippines) Inc. will be giving away up to 3,000 Life Armor personal insurance to healthcare workers and other professionals.

Practicing professionals, especially in the health sector who are actively engaged in his/her profession, can visit and register here so they can be among one of the lucky registrants who will get Life Armor insurance coverage up for grabs. Registration must be completed by February 15, 2022, while supplies last. Those who are able to secure their registration will be notified by a Sun Life advisor and will provide details on how to activate the coverage.

“As medical professionals care for the Filipinos and save lives in this pandemic, they also need someone who will help them secure a brighter future. We created the Sun Life Solutions as a gesture expressing our readiness to be their partner in this journey,” says Alex Narciso, President of Sun Life Philippines. “We have but one message: ‘We are here for you.’”

Sun Life Solutions for Professionals aims to protect health workers and other professionals from today’s life’s uncertainties through the combined security of having an insurance policy and the potential to have funds for financial milestones like funding for children’s education, purchasing an asset, travelling abroad, or ensuring a comfortable retirement. We currently have four unique packages aimed at a client’s specific needs in every life stage.

The Pro Starter Kit is a combination of the SUN Safer Life and Sun Life Prosperity Fund is ideal for those who want an affordable life insurance plan and a mutual fund in a convenient package. Rates start at ₱1,250 a month for this package, which helps secure budding professionals and/or their loved ones and provides funds that can be used for future financial milestones. Additionally, the insurance plan can be converted to a permanent or income-generating plan.

Meanwhile, the Health and Income Kit puts together the SUN Smarter Life Elite and a Sun Life Prosperity Fund for professionals eager to secure their health while also pursuing financial security. With rates starting at ₱2,579 a month, this package offers life insurance coverage with health benefits through its Hospital Income Benefit and Critical Illness Benefit, plus additional income streams. This package provides financial security by having additional income in case the client needs to stop working while recovering from sickness.

The Family Care Kit, on the other hand, is a package that best addresses the financial stage of married professionals who want to keep their family’s plans on track while also looking after their loved ones. The package includes the Sun Life Assure and a Sun Life Prosperity Fund, which helps provide critical illness benefits plus money for your planned milestones in life. Rates start at as ₱850 a month. Young professionals may also cover their parents with these benefits.

Lastly, the Education Fund Pack is the perfect solution for professionals who want a straightforward plan that will help them prepare for their kids’ education. With rates starting at ₱4,500 a month, the package can be customized to include the Sun Dream Achiever and a Sun Life Prosperity Peso Starter Fund. This package features four (4) increasing education benefits to help shield one’s funds from the effects of inflation. It also adds the benefit of having extra cash for other goals.

“Ever since its establishment here in the Philippines, Sun Life has committed itself to becoming the Filipino’s partner to achieving financial security and freedom,” Narciso reiterated. “Our healthcare workers have tirelessly made sacrifices throughout this pandemic and put their lives on the line to take care of us. This is our own little way of taking care of them as we all move forward toward recovery.”

In 2020, Sun Life through Sun Life Foundation likewise donated digital life insurance to healthcare workers in a bid to support them during the height of the pandemic. This year, Sun Life levels up by creating solutions for professionals to help them address their financial security needs for the future.

Kickstart your financial journey with us, and know more about Sun Life Solutions for Professionals or connect with a Sun Life Advisor.

NOTE: All starting rates mentioned are based on a 30-year old male professional. The amount may change depending on the client’s age, gender, and health conditions. Those interested are encouraged to connect with a Sun life advisor for more information.