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Press release

May 27, 2022

Matteo Guidicelli: Nothing's gonna stop him now

Matteo Guidicelli never does things half-baked. If something sparks his interest, he always gives it his best shot – whether he’s racing in a triathlon, acting in a movie, or venturing into new businesses.

“I like putting myself out there and seeing how far I can go,” he admits.

The confidence with which he pursues his interests can easily be mistaken for mere audacity. However, it is anchored on something deeper: the knowledge that he is in the best of health.

“Being fit and well gives me the freedom to go after the things I want, and it’s always fulfilling,” he says.

Matteo has his parents to thank for being enlightened about the importance of physical wellness at a young age. His father Gianluca was especially a big influence, with Matteo having front-row seats to his own journey towards good health. 

“We stayed in the United States for a while and when we came back to the Philippines, my dad was overweight, with his blood pressure and cholesterol nearing danger levels,” Matteo recalls. “His doctors said there were so many things he needed to fix with his health.”

Undaunted, the older Guidicelli bought himself a bike, then started an active lifestyle. Gianluca swam, biked, and ran regularly until he was in the pink of health again.

“That’s the story of how he started in triathlons and eventually inspired me and my siblings to follow suit,” Matteo says.

Now a married man managing his own businesses and looking forward to starting his own family in the near future, Matteo is even more determined to secure his health. It’s not always easy, especially for someone who juggles so many things on a daily basis, and that’s why he relies on his partner in health: Sun Life.

“Being healthy is not just about being fit or eating right. It’s also about making sure you’ll be able to fund expenses in case you become ill. That’s where my Sun Life health protection plan comes in,” he shares. “It allows me to secure my health and finances. That way, should an illness strike, the medical expenses are covered and I could focus on recovery. I can get back on track with my goals for myself and for my loved ones.”

With Sun Life, Matteo has more confidence to pursue the things he loves. And he’s ready to work hard for it.

“There are no shortcuts to the greatest successes in life.  You have to have goals, you have to work hard, and you have to dedicate yourself to that dream,” he muses. “Sometimes, the more na manggigil ka, the higher the chance that you will lose the very thing you aspire. Be patient. Be driven. In the end, it will all be worth it.”

Want to secure your health so you can go after your dreams with confidence? Be inspired by Matteo and make Sun Life your Partner in Health now! Visit to know more.