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Press release

June 20, 2018

Sun Life re-launches Dollar Protection Product

Explore opportunities beyond border with Sun Dollar Maximizer

For a limited time only, Sun Life Financial brings back Sun Dollar Maximizer. The highly successful investment-linked life insurance product provides protection for up to seven years, while at the same time enhancing the growth and income of one’s dollar holdings through exposure to top-quality assets worldwide.

The latest version of Sun Dollar Maximizer is backed by a new investment strategy and features.

Sun Dollar Maximizer now allows a client to enjoy advanced earnings, as annual income payouts are given for the first six years. With this product, one can also be confident because regardless of fund performance, he will get at least his full single premium at the end of the seven-year holding period (subject to the absence of the note issuer default, a credit event on The Republic of the Philippines, or other similar factors). 

Moreover, Sun Dollar Maximizer enhances the value of one’s dollar investments even amid market changes. This is achieved by employing the Goldman Sachs Prime Momentum Optimization Strategy (GS PriMO), a systematic investment approach which allows a flexible shift in allocation positions between global equities, bonds, commodities, real estate and cash, subject to pre-established allocation limits. The strategy is a suitable option for those who wish to make their dollars work harder for them.

“Sun Dollar Maximizer seeks a bright view in any market condition, so clients can look forward to potentially earning more from global investment opportunities, without having to worry about losing their capital,” Sun Life Chief Marketing Officer Mylene Lopa said. “This enables them to confidently explore opportunities beyond borders.”

Those interested to know more about Sun Dollar Maximizer may call 849-9888 or visit Sun Life Dollar Maximizer's webpage