Press release

October 09, 2018

Sun Life launches product for a healthy and worry-free retirement


Many say there is wisdom in acquiring an insurance plan when one is younger. But those who are about to enter the retirement stage still have every reason, if not even more, to acquire an insurance plan for themselves so they can cover the high cost of medical expenses and protect the retirement savings that they spent so many years working for.

This inspired Sun Life of Canada (Philippines), Inc. to create SUN Senior Care, a health insurance product specifically designed to address the evolving life and health protection needs of those who are already in the pre-retirement or retirement stage.

“At Sun Life, we believe that it’s never too late to be physically and financially healthy. We’d like to help Filipinos enjoy a worry-free retirement so they can continue enjoying life. That’s exactly what SUN Senior Care is for,” Sun Life Chief Marketing Officer Mylene Lopa said.

A comprehensive life and health protection product, SUN Senior Care covers a person’s different health protection needs, from prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation.

One can proactively protect his health as he gains access to Sun Life’s wellness program, which offers preventive care services, health perks, and special privileges. Meanwhile, coverage is provided during critical periods, where SUN Senior Care offers a significant financial benefit equal to 150% of the plan’s Face Amount in case the client is diagnosed with any of the covered advanced-age critical illness conditions. But if the client stays healthy and well, SUN Senior Care ensures that his loved ones’ future is secured with the same amount of benefit.

Sun Life also recognizes that clients may experience the most common surgeries/conditions in this particular life stage, such as Glaucoma Surgery and Severe Osteoporosis. With SUN Senior Care, clients are guaranteed with an additional one-time special benefit to help ease the financial burden that may have been caused by any one of such surgeries/conditions.

Available in easy payment terms, SUN Senior Care may be paid in three (3), five (5), or ten (10) annual installments with a fixed amount throughout the chosen period. Semi-annual, quarterly, or monthly modes of payment are also available.