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Events and promos

Invest for Rewards 2022

Promo Period: October 21 to December 29, 2022

Investment Requirement

Value of Giftaway e-GC

₱1M (or USD equivalent) in any loaded funds

₱6,000 for every ₱1M

(or USD equivalent)

Note: Dollar investments will be automatically converted to prevailing foreign exchange rates.

For a complete list of stores/merchants accepting Giftaway e-GCs, visit

To qualify, new and existing investors must make initial and/or subsequent investments in any of the following qualified Sun Life Prosperity Funds under back-end sales load:



Philippine Equity Fund

Philippine Stock Index Fund

Balanced Fund

Bond Fund

GS Fund

Achiever Funds (2028, 2038, 2048)

World Equity Index Feeder Fund

Dollar Advantage Fund

Dollar Abundance Fund

Dollar Wellspring Fund

World Voyager Fund

NOTE: Back-end sales loads are NOT deducted upfront but has diminishing charges over five years.
(i.e.: 5% for the 1s year, 4% on the 2nd year, 3% for the 3rd year, 2% for the 4th year and 1% for the 5th year)


Only investments made from October 21, 2022 to December 29, 2022 are eligible for the Invest for Rewards 2022.


  • 1. Only FRESH Funds (funds that did not come from any redemption proceeds from existing/old MF investments prior to October 21, 2022 in SLAMCI) will be considered for the promo
  • a. Redemptions. Redemptions and re-subscription/s from the Sun Life Prosperity Funds within the promo period to qualify for the promo are not allowed.
    b. Inter-fund Switching
    I. Existing Investors. Investors who already have existing investments in any of the Sun Life Prosperity Funds are allowed to switch in/out of any of the Sun Life Prosperity Funds, as stated in Funds’ registration statements. However, investors may not qualify for the promo and eGC reward.
    II. New Investors. Investors who decide to avail of the Promo and eGC, following these Terms & Conditions, may at any time switch into any of the qualified Sun Life Prosperity Funds, during the promo duration.
    III. Switching to and from the Sun Life Prosperity Peso Starter Fund and/or Sun Life Prosperity Dollar Starter Fund
  • Existing investors of the Sun Life Prosperity Peso and Dollar Starter Funds who switch into any of the qualified funds will not qualify for the promo and eGC reward.
  • Investors who decide to avail of the Promo and eGC and decide to switch to the Sun Life Prosperity Peso Starter Fund and/or Sun Life Prosperity Dollar Starter Fund, at any point during the holding period arising from the Back-End Sales Load, will disqualify them from the promo and the eGC reward. In instances like these, SLAMCI reserves the right to forfeit the reward, and/or charge the client/s for the value of the claimed reward.

2. Investments may be paid via deposits, cash, money transfer, check, or any new payment gateway that may be allowed during the promo period. Investments must be credited to designated SLAMCI bank accounts.
3. SLAMCI reserves the right to dispute the eligibility of an investment for the promo.
4. Investment Accumulation:

a. Accumulation of qualified investments is allowed provided that:

  • Transaction amount should be at least P100,000 (or USD Equivalent)
  • The total investment amount must meet the minimum investment amount/s to qualify for a reward
  • Reconciliation/deadline of the accumulation will be until December 2022

b. Investments in a combination of participating funds will be considered as long as the combined total investment will be under the investor’s individual/personal mutual fund accounts, joint “and/or” accounts included.
c. Institutional accounts are qualified but cannot be combined with individual accounts.
d. The investor must list down the summary of accumulated investments in the Invest for Rewards Reward Redemption Form.
e. Investors are responsible for monitoring their accumulated investments to determine promo eligibility. To verify the details of their transactions, they may call the Investor Services Hotline at 8849-9888 or access the My Sun Life Client Portal at
f. SLAMCI reserves the right to verify the list of investors’ accumulated investments. Should SLAMCI confirm that the information provided is not valid, the enrolled transaction will not be considered for reward redemption.

5.     Reward Redemption:

a. Only cleared funds as of Thursday, December 29, 2022, close of business day, shall be included in this promo. The reference date for the investment eligibility will be the posting date of the transaction.
b. Participating investors must accomplish the Reward Redemption Form.
c. After the required amount of investment is invested or accumulated, investors must submit the fully accomplished Reward Redemption Form via any of the following:

*Forms submitted through financial advisors must be sent to the above email for proper handling

d. The Invest for Rewards Reward Redemption Form must be fully accomplished to reflect the necessary details for release of the reward. SLAMCI will process ONLY COMPLETELY FILLED OUT forms.

Download Reward Redemption Form Option B – Back-End Load, for Clients of MF Advisors, Direct Clients, Sun Life Advisors & Employees

6. The deadline for submission of the redemption forms is on January 31, 2023 (Tuesday), close of business day.

7. Rewards applicable to the investor will depend on the total investment amount, per transaction. For accumulated investments, the total accumulated investment shall be treated as one transaction. Investors may refer to the rewards summary page for details. 

8. Giftaway e-GCs will be e-mailed to the investor's registered e-mail account. These rewards are not convertible to cash.

9. Failure to submit the Reward Redemption Form to SLAMCI office by the deadline forfeits the investor’s eligibility to claim reward(s). SLAMCI shall not be liable for the investor’s failure to submit the Reward Redemption Form within the promo period.

10. Following the submission of reward redemption forms and request for additional investment forms, SLAMCI will require 30 working days for processing the rewards for the clients.

11. Lost or damaged Reward Redemption Forms and/or Giftaway eGC shall be considered forfeited and will not be replaced by SLAMCI.

12. Redemption of investments made within five (5) years from the date of the investment shall be subject to redemption fees as indicated in the Prospectus below:

Redemption Period

Redemption Fee (Exclusive of VAT)

First Year


Second Year


Third Year


Fourth Year


Fifth Year


After the Fifth Year


For promo-related inquiries, contact:

NCR-based clients

Melissa Ferrer

Provincial-based clients

Melgrace Castro

General inquiries