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Why should you become a Sun Life Financial advisor?

Being a Sun Life Financial advisor gives you the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives by being their partner to financial freedom. A big portion of the population is still without any form of insurance and investment.

By providing relevant financial advice and guiding them along the way, you can help ensure their security and growth, and help them build a solid future for themselves and their loved ones.

It’s about giving your clients and families the best chance for a rewarding and financially-secure life.

As a Sun Life Financial advisor, you manage your own schedule. You can allocate your time with your family, engage in your passions, and even accommodate other professional endeavors – it’s all up to you.

Find more opportunities to #LiveBrighter by representing the top company in the life insurance industry. As a Sun Life Financial advisor, you’ll become part of a group that enjoys

  • Competitive incentive package and earns more than its counterparts in the industry
  • Health and insurance benefits
  • Provident plan
  • Participate in year-round sales contests which award qualifiers with local and international trips
  • Cash bonuses and gift certificates
  • And other exciting prizes

Personal and professional advancement is highly valued in Sun Life. With our continuous learning and training programs, you can unleash your full potential and shine even brighter as a financial advisor.

Choose a rewarding profession with a dynamic company that thrives in excellence. #LiveLifeBrighter as a Sun Life Financial Advisor.

Live Brighter as a Sun Life Financial Advisor:

Hone your entrepreneurial skills, build your network, and enjoy your rewards.

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Embark on a rewarding career path and discover more opportunities as a Sun Life Financial Advisor.

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Unleash your brightest potential and experience a fulfilling career as a financial advisor.


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