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Bright ideas

June 22, 2020

How can we RISE TOGETHER to face the future?

With the new normal, how can we now RISE TOGETHER to face the future?

For no matter the challenges, we hold on to this goal: to provide a secure and healthy future for ourselves and our loved ones. We at Sun Life stand with you in this journey, providing expert guidance and solutions to your evolving financial and health needs.

It’s time to stand up and seize the choices and opportunities of a bright new world. This is a good place to start.

Watch the videos from our biggest Sun Talks Virtual Conference!

A grand gathering of notable speakers who will discuss matters relevant to today’s situation, as Filipinos strive to move forward amid a pandemic.

Rallying the theme “Rise Together to a Bright New World”, the Sun Talks VCon will tackle topics such as money matters, health and wellness, business recovery, and how overseas Filipinos can come for good.

Browse Sun Talks Online Resource (S.T.O.R.E.S.) and learn useful tips from the experts on how to deal with a global crisis:

Find out how our celebrity ambassadors are coping, and the lessons they have learned:

Sun Talks Live with Matteo Guidicelli

Watch: Matteo Guidicelli talks about his new lifestage and dealing with his business during the pandemic.

watch here

Sun Talks Live with Piolo Pascual

Watch: Piolo Pascual shares tips on how to stay on top of his career, health, and financial goals.

watch here

Sun Talks with Enchong Dee

Watch: Enchong Dee tackles what it takes to be a budgetarian.

watch here

Sun Talks Live with Inigo Pascual

Watch: Inigo Pascual zeroes in on how he stayed productive during the lockdown.

watch here

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Explore the Self-Help Sun Tools to create your own pandemic-proof financial plan:

Sun Talks Live with Inigo Pascual

Discover your money-handling style with the Money for Life Planner

Sun Talks Live with Inigo Pascual

Learn how you can prepare for health emergencies with the Health & Wellness Planner

Sun Talks Live with Inigo Pascual

Know how much insurance you need to properly protect your loved ones with the Insurance Calculator

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