Sun Life Prosperity Government Securities Fund

Invest in Government Security Funds

The Sun Life Prosperity GS (Government Securities) Fund is ideal for:

RISK TOLERANCE: Low to Moderate

Government Securities Fund Risk Tolerance

INVESTMENT HORIZON: Short to Medium Term

Government Securities Fund Investment Horizon

Minimum Initial Investment Amount                 PHP 1,000

Minimum Additional  Investment Amount         PHP 1,000

Sun Life Prosperity GS (Government Securities) Fund reports:

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Product Highlight Sheet

The Sun Life Prosperity GS (Government Securities) Fund invests in domestic fixed income instruments, issued by the Republic of the Philippines, which are defined as unconditional obligations of the state and backed by a sovereign guarantee. These investments have minimal yield guarantee but are considered as one of the safest investment outlets.

The Sun Life Prosperity GS Fund is for you if:

  • You have money saved which you will use in the near future but want to earn more than the standard saving account interest rates.
  • You want to preserve your nest egg without engaging in a business or dealing with complicated stock market trading.
  • Your investment horizon is currently for the short- term and you want to get your toes wet with mutual funds before eventually venturing into longer-term options.


We are delighted to inform you that the management and distribution fees of the Sun Life Prosperity GS Fund has been reduced from 1.50% per annum to 1.00% per annum effective 1 January 2018. This product improvement will allow investors to potentially enjoy higher returns on their investments.
This has been approved by the Board of Directors of Sun Life Asset Management Company Inc. and of the Fund, and will be reflected in the Fund's prospectus and fund fact sheet/s.

Board of Directors - Sun Life Prosperity GS (Government Securities) Fund, Inc.

Benedicto C. Sison – Chairman
Maria Josefina A. Castillo - Director
Cielito F. Habito – Independent Director
Aleli Angela G. Quirino – Independent Director
Oscar S. Reyes – Independent Director

Board of Officers - Sun Life Prosperity GS (Government Securities) Fund, Inc.

Maria Josefina A. Castillo – President
Candy S. Esteban - Treasurer
Ma. Jemilyn S. Camania – Compliance Officer, Money Laundering Reporting Officer and Data Protection Officer
Anna Katrina C. Kabigting-Ibero – Corporate Secretary
Frances Ianna S. Canto – Assistant Corporate Secretary