Fast forward to your dreams with Sun Acceler8

Sun Acceler8 is a protection and savings plan that matures after 20 years. It provides you increasing life insurance benefit to be well protected from life’s uncertainties. It also offers you regular cash benefits, which can be a good source of guaranteed income that you can use for your child’s education and other school related expenses.

Benefits of Sun Acceler8:

  • Increasing life insurance coverage

    Accelerate to your dreams of having a financially secure future with increasing life insurance coverage up to 228% of the Face Amount starting at the 9th policy year.

    Load up your coverage with riders or supplemental benefits that give added protection in case of unforeseen contingencies such as accidents, disability and illnesses.

  • Increasing cash benefits

    Enjoy the perks of having guaranteed and increasing cash benefits starting at the end of the eighth policy year and every two years onwards until your policy matures.
  • Guaranteed maturity benefit

    At the end of the 20th year, fund your life goals using your policy’s lump sum guaranteed cash benefit equal to 102% of your Face Amount.
  • Special paid-up bonus and dividend earnings

    Be rewarded with a special bonus after eight years and dividend earnings onwards. You may choose to get these in cash or leave with Sun Life to accumulate.
  • Limited payment period

    Make payment more convenient depending on your goals. You may choose to pay your premiums annually, semi-annually or quarterly for 8 years only. Monthly payment through Auto-Debit or Auto-Charge may also be arranged after payment of the initial quarterly premium.

NOTE: Benefits indicated above are subject to the specific guidelines set by Sun Life and the actual provisions of the insurance policy contract.


Sun Acceler8 is suitable for those belonging to the following life stages:

Moving Up Icon

Moving Up

Prioritizing family above all

Preparing Ahead Icon

Preparing Ahead

Nurturing my health and wealth