Since we were kids, Mother’s Day has always inspired fierce competition in the Reyes household. We fashion almost anything to achieve a semblance of a gift: an artwork drawn in class, a big bag of assorted candies from our allowance, and once we even produced a skit of how much we heart mom.

I’m the eldest in a brood of two – the panganay – and I’ve witnessed her sacrifices and dedication as a single mother. After our father passed away in an accident, mom had to do odd jobs here and there just to make ends meet. She is our breadwinner, our confidante, and our lifeline – literally.

So when I started to earn my own money, I always make sure to get her something nice for special occasions. After getting a promotion last year, my first thought was ‘I should really get mom the greatest gift!’ I was stump. Until a friend, who is also a financial advisor, thought of an ingenious gift idea: give your mom a life and critical illness insurance. Like SUN Fit and Well

After careful consideration (and lots of computation), here are my reasons why a life and critical illness insurance is the perfect Mother’s Day gift:

1. Insurance helps secure the future of our parents.

Depending on the policy, the living benefits of life insurance can range from guaranteed cash benefits to cover for costly hospitalization bills, up to dividend earnings, all you have to do is file an insurance claim. There are also riders that can protect them in case of accident or disability. With our parents dedicating a majority of their resources in keeping us alive, they may be overlooking some of their financial needs. I’m hoping that by insuring my mom, I can help cover these gaps and provide her some financial security.

2. Insurance can provide additional health coverage.

No matter how super my mom is, her health is bound to decline. So I want to help her be prepared while she is still young. I chose SUN Fit and Well because it covers more than 100 critical illness conditions AND its policyholders can avail of free wellness activities. Hey, maybe we can take a Zumba class together.

3. Insurance helps provide a peace of mind.

What I like best about life insurance is how it can give people peace of mind. Our moms are naturally inclined to worry about not just their future, but ours as well, and this can cause emotional stress. But by having a life insurance, they can be more assured that there is some sort of a financial safety net in case of unforeseen events.

4. Insurance makes for an affordable gift that keeps on giving.

Of course, I am also working towards fulfilling my own dreams. But as a kid who wants to give back to my mother, getting her a life insurance was daunting at first. Especially when I need to pay for years!  But when I learned that it will just cost me a little more than P1,100 / month*  to augment her health coverage and retirement fund, I was relieved. Though all I can say is: take that, little brother, I’m giving the best Mother’s Day present ever.

Life insurance might not be a popular gift choice but it is one of the best gifts that you can give people you love. It has a lasting impact that will not just protect them from many uncertainties of life, but it will also help them have the fund for important milestones. There are different life insurance products to choose from, and a good start is to begin with one that aims to protect your loved one’s health. Through this Advisor Match tool, a Sun Life Advisor can help you take the next step to give yourself and your loved ones the gift of prosperity.

*The approximate monthly rate is based on SUN Fit and Well Plus 20 plan with annual premium of Php13,290 for a 45-year old female, non-smoker with Php300,000 coverage. SUN Fit and Well plans can be availed up to age 50, 55 or 60, depending on client’s chosen payment period.


If money isn’t a factor, what would you buy your mom first?

  a. Car
  b. Property
  c. Insurance
  d. Plane ticket