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February 10, 2012

Unleash the Dragon within you through the power of Sun Acceler8

Sun Life Financial–Philippines kicks off the Year of the Dragon with Sun Acceler8, a unique product that will help the company’s clients awaken the positive side of this powerful creature within themselves.

A first-of-its kind in the market, the features of the product draw inspiration from the number “8” which is usually associated with prosperity and wealth. It is just fitting that Sun Life is introducing this product this Year of the Dragon which is also considered to be the most auspicious year in the Chinese calendar.

Sun Acceler8
is a protection and savings plan that provides guaranteed cash benefits at specific periods throughout the duration of the policy plus a lump sum maturity benefit at the end of 20 years. It can be fully paid in 8 years, and the guaranteed cash benefits are made available starting at the end of the 8th year and every two years thereafter until maturity.

What also makes this product unique is that both the insurance coverage and the guaranteed cash benefits accelerate over time, addressing potential loss of value of one’s money brought about by inflation.

The guaranteed cash benefits start at 8% based on the chosen Face Amount of the plan, increasing by two percent of the Face Amount every two years until maturity, up to a maximum of twenty percent of the Face Amount. Likewise, the amount of insurance protection starts at one hundred percent of the Face Amount and increases by sixteen percent annually until the 8th year where it reaches the maximum insurance coverage of 228% of the Face Amount.

Sun Life compares the benefits of Sun Acceler8 with the positive characteristics of a Dragon. These creatures are known to be bearers of good fortune, loyalty, energy and vibrancy, generosity, promptness and decisiveness. In the same manner, Sun Acceler8 provides guaranteed cash benefits to help one secure a bright future; life insurance coverage that can give one peace of mind; benefits that increase over time; opportunity for more earnings through the non-guaranteed special bonus and dividends; and the flexibility to pay within a guaranteed paying period.