MyFuture Fund

Reach your financial goals on time with MyFuture Fund

MyFuture Fund is offered as a fund option exclusive to Sun FlexiLinkSun FlexiLink 1Sun FlexiLink AssistSun MaxiLink One1Sun MaxiLink Prime, and Sun MaxiLink Bright2, which are investment-linked life insurance products regulated by the Insurance Commission.

MyFuture Fund is a target date fund that invests primarily in high-quality stocks and a mix of government and domestic corporate debt in accordance with an asset allocation strategy that promotes capital appreciation at the onset to maximize earning potential in the earlier years and shifts to wealth preservation to reduce exposure to risk as the maturity of the fund approaches.

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Benefit from a wealth of advantages:

  • Better possible returns
    Unlike traditional savings with fixed interest rates, MyFuture Fund provides higher earning potential as the assets are invested in high-yielding instruments in the initial years then gradually shifts to fixed-income instruments with modest growth potential as it approaches maturity.
  • Professional portfolio management.
    You have Sun Life Financial's investment experience, commitment and research capabilities working for you.
  • Diversification.
    Your investment is placed not just in one or two, but in as many instruments as is prudent, reducing over-all risk.
  • Liquidity.
    MyFuture Fund units can be redeemed on any business day.
  • Time-sensitive fund management strategy
    This Fund attempts to maximize returns in the earlier years for faster fund accumulation then shifts to a more conservative portfolio to reduce exposure to risk as the date of the maturity draws near.

1MyFuture 2020 Fund is not available as fund option to Sun MaxiLink One

2MyFuture Fund is not a security.