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April 11, 2024

Diginvest! Invest and Shop Promo 2024


Invest in any of SLAMCI’s digital channels and receive shopping e-vouchers from Sun Life Asset Management!

With the different digital channels from Sun Life Asset Management Company, Inc. (SLAMCI), investing is not only convenient, but also rewarding! Join the DIGINVEST! Invest and Shop Promo and receive Lazada e-vouchers. Here’s how to join:



All Sun Life Asset Management Company, Inc (SLAMCI) New and Existing Clients* investing in the Funds listed below through Auto-Invest*, Bills Payment (online) and Online Payment Page:

  • Philippine Equity Fund
  • Philippine Stock Index Fund
  • Balanced Fund
  • Bond Fund
  • GS Fund
  • Achiever 2028 Fund
  • Achiever 2038 Fund
  • Achiever 2048 Fund
  • World Equity Index Feeder Fund


* Auto-Invest Facility is only available to Individual, Joint OR, Joint AND, and in-trust-for accounts. Bills Payment is only available to Individual, Joint OR, and in-trust-for accounts. Online Payment Page is only available to Individual, Joint OR, in-trust-for, and worksite accounts.


1. To qualify for the DIGINVEST! Invest and Shop Promo (“Promo”), investors must register first through the website by visiting this link: (note: link will only be available during launch).  By registering in the promo, clients consent to the promo’s terms and conditions and agree to announce their names to the public if picked as winners in the raffle draws. Clients also consent to receive communications from SLAMCI specifying the number of raffle tickets they accumulated. For joint accounts, any of the accountholders could register for the promo but rewards will only be awarded on a per account number basis, not per accountholder. All accountholders in the joint account will share in the rewards.

2. Registration and qualifying period is from May 13, 2024 to June 30, 2024 only. Interested clients may register through this link:


3. To join, participating clients may qualify through these options:

Option 1: Via Auto-Invest Enrolment (available only for NEW Auto-Invest clients)


Min. Investment Amount (one-time transaction only see item 6)


New Auto-Invest Enrolment - Monthly investment in any participating SLAMCI funds through Auto-debit Arrangement (ADA) with SLAMCI partnered banks.

Php 3,000.00

Php 50.00 Lazada e-voucher / Php 3,000 monthly Transaction*

* Every PHP 3,000 is equivalent to Php 50.00 Lazada e-voucher. Example: PHP 9,000 Auto-Invest transaction is equivalent to Php 150.00 Lazada e-voucher.


Option Mode 2:  Via Quarterly Raffle Draw

Online Channel


Min. Investment Amount*

Raffle Tickets


New and existing subscribers to Auto-Invest with monthly auto-debit arrangement

PHP 3,000.00

2 Raffle tickets

Bills Payment (Over the Counter or OTC Bills Payment are not included)

New and existing Bills Payment users -Online only

PHP 5,000

1 raffle ticket

Online Payment Page

New and existing online payment users

PHP 5,000

1 raffle ticket

*Example: Php 10,000.00 investment through Bills Payment is equivalent to 2 raffle tickets (Php 10,000.00/Php 5,000.00 = 2)


 4. To make subscriptions/investments under the promo, participating clients can opt to choose from these options:

i.  For Bills Payment, investors may invest in participating Sun Life Prosperity Funds through the following bank partners and payment channels:

Bank Partners

Payment Channels

  • BDO
  • Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI)
  • Metrobank


  • Online banking
  • Mobile banking
  • Automated Teller Machine (only for BDO accountholders)

Over-the-counter transactions shall not be eligible under the Promo.

         ii.  For Auto-Invest, clients should adhere to the following enrollment guidelines upon enrollment:

               a.  Completely fill out the following forms:




Security Bank

1. SLAMCI Auto-Invest Enrollment Form

2. BDO Auto-Debit Service Enrollment Form (1 form only)

1. SLAMCI Auto-Invest Enrollment Form

2. BPI Auto-Debit Service Enrollment Form (1 form only)

1. SLAMCI Auto-Invest Enrollment Form

2. Metrobank Auto-Debit Service Enrollment Form (1 form only)

1. SLAMCI Auto-Invest Enrollment Form

2. Security Bank Auto-Debit Service Enrollment Form (1 form only)

              b.  Submit the accomplished forms to any Sun Life Client Service Center or Sun Life Mutual Fund                   Advisor. Partner banks will NOT process these enrollments at their respective bank branches.

              c.  Client will be notified through SMS and/or email once account is successfully enrolled. 

              d.  Client will receive an SMS and/or email notification for each successful subscription.

                Please read the for detailed guidelines on Auto-Invest enrollment for more information.

    iii.  Client can make additional investments through the Online Payment page. Available payment             partners are BPI and Paynamics.

5.  Only additional investments in the Funds meeting the required amount shall be considered. Thus, an initial investment in the Funds must have been made prior.

6.  Minimum investment amount to earn raffle tickets shall be counted on a per transaction per account number basis*, i.e. accumulation of investments to reach minimum investment amount will not be qualified to the promo.

 * Ex. Client transacted Php 11,000 in Bills Payment then another Php 4,000 in Bills Payment using one account number. Total raffle tickets are two (2), and not three (3). If client transacted Php 10,000 in Bills Payment in one (1) account number and another Php 10,000 in another account number, client is entitled to four (4) raffle tickets.

7.   Only cleared transactions until June 30, 2024, 12 noon, will be considered in the last raffle draw.

8.   All non-winning tickets in the past raffle draw/s will still be included in the succeeding raffle draws, leading to more chances of winning.

9.   Clients who already won in the past raffle draws can continue accumulating raffle tickets to join the succeeding raffle draws.

10.  Clients will receive a monthly email containing the number of raffle tickets accumulated in the promo.

11.  A client is responsible for monitoring his/her investments to determine his/her eligibility for the promo. Transaction details may be verified by calling the Investor Services Hotline at (02) 849-9888 or accessing the My Sun Life Client Portal.

12.  SLAMCI reserves the right to verify the list of a client’s investments and to dispute the eligibility of an investment made in line with the Promo. Should SLAMCI confirm that the information provided is not valid, the enrolled transaction will not be considered for reward redemption.

13.  Sun Life employees and agency sales are included in the promo if they will select Back-End option for the sales load.



14. Raffle draw will be conducted based on the following schedule:

Cleared Transactions on the ff. Investment Dates:

1st week of:

No. of winners

Prize per winner (Lazada e-voucher)

Total Amount of Prizes (Lazada e-voucher)

May 13 - Jun 30,  2024

Jul 2024


Php 2,000.00

Php 10,000.00

IMPORTANT: Next quarterly raffle draw dates and prizes to be announced before the first quarter raffle ends.


15. All new subscribers for Auto-Invest* will receive a reward of Php 50.00 Lazada e-voucher for every processed monthly Auto-Invest payment amounting to at least Php 3,000.00. The redemption codes will be given via email 15-30 days after the Auto-Invest transaction is processed.


Example: Client enrolled in Auto-Invest on January 20, 2023, for debiting every 20th of the month. Enrollment cut-off is every 1st day of the month so the enrollment will be processed on February 1, 2023, and first debiting would be on February 19, 2023. Redemption of the Auto-Invest transaction will be credited on March 7, 2023-March 22, 2023. 


Investors can use this to top-up to their Lazada wallet. The e-vouchers should be redeemed within 180 days from receipt. Once funds are already in the Lazada wallet, the funds are no longer subject to expiry dates. SLAMCI will not be liable for expired gift cards.


* New subscribers shall be counted on per account number basis. In Joint accounts, any of the accountholders may register but all accountholders will share in the rewards. For example: Client A and Client B are both joint accountholders and Client A registered for the promo. He made an auto-invest transaction amounting to 3,000 on January 20, 2023. Both clients are only entitled to a total of PHP 50.00 worth of Lazada e-voucher for the month, not PHP 50 each. The e-voucher will be sent to the registered email address. 


16. Within 15-30 days from the date of the raffle draw, winners will receive an email confirmation along with the process flow on how to avail the Lazada e-voucher(s). Names of the winners will also be announced via Sun Life Facebook Page within the same period.

17. Points and rewards are not transferable and may not be converted to cash. E-vouchers will only apply in Lazada’s online shopping platform. Any disputes, claim issues, fees and charges in relation to the redemption of items purchased in Lazada, shall be between the client and Lazada alone – subject to Lazada’s general terms and conditions.

18. A client must ensure that his/her email address or mobile number on file is updated. For assistance, please call 8849-9888 or send an email to

19. Lost or deleted Lazada Redemption Codes shall be considered forfeited and will not be replaced by SLAMCI. 



For inquiries, contact the following:

For investment inquiries

SUNLINK (Client Care)

Trunk line/Local: (02) 8-849-9888


For promo inquiries

Product Management and Development Team, Sun Life Asset Management Company Inc.

Email: or

For Lazada Wallet inquiries

Lazada PH Contact Center

Trunk Line: (02) 7795 8900