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Live life brighter

March 14, 2019

Power Women of Sun Life

We celebrate Women’s Month with our very own list of ladies who helped make lives brighter for Filipinos.

Eight Sun Lifers were picked across the entire Sun Life PH organization to answer questions that embody the courage and grace of the fairer sex.

Let’s see what each of them has to say:

What makes an empowered woman?

“My spirituality is a source of strength, confidence and guidance. One cannot control everything but having the confidence to take risks or venture out of one’s comfort zone to pursue your passion would not be possible if you are not empowered to do so.”

- Valerie Pama, Sun Life Asset Management Company Inc. President

Why is it important to put heart and generosity into your work?

“When people look beyond themselves, when they work for a greater good rather than just self-interests, they also find that what they accomplish is beyond what they had aimed for.”

- - Riza Mantaring, Sun Life Chair Management + Management Association of the Philippines President of 2019

How can both men & women contribute to a discrimination-free world?

“I believe that if we act nicely and share kindness, to shine and choose goodness, then we are paving the way to a discrimination-free world.”

- Abigail Ballena, Supervisor + UAAP Ladies Basketball alumna

What is your message to those who experience discrimination because they are differently-abled?

“Never feel sorry for yourself just because you were born different from others. Remember that you are a child of God having a very special purpose no matter how people may judge you based from their own standards.”

- Rialanie Santos, Sun Life Financial Advisor + Pharmacist

How important is it that you find hope even at the lowest point of your life?

“Contemplate the truth. In prayer, ask God to reveal his truth in the situation that is bringing the sadness.”

- Dra. Mary David, Sun Lifer + Cancer Survivor

What is independence for you and how did it help you gear yourself for success?

“Independence is being unafraid of expressing one's true self, and being fearless in pursuing one's passion.”

- Abigail Paco, Sun Life Financial Advisor + Professional Events Host + Classical Pianist

How do you preserve your identity as an individual while also being a spouse and parent?

“As a woman with many roles such as a wife to a loving husband, a mom to a very inquisitive toddler and a manager to a dynamic sales team of advisors, I have to fill my bucket first so I can give more.”

- Agnes Cuaso, Sun Life Financial Advisor + Mom to a 3 year old+ Breastfeeding Advocate

Being a single mom, how do you take care of yourself?

“My greatest gift is the fact that I was given privilege to become both a mother & father to my children. Reminding myself of this gift, enjoying the ride wherever the roller coaster may take me, is how I take care of myself.”

- Janet Ng, Sun Life Financial Advisor + Businesswoman + Healthcare Specialist

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