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Grow your money

February 07, 2019

7 Bright Choices you can make today for a brighter tomorrow

Check out these 7 Bright Choices you can make for a brighter year!

Start your journey to a brighter life today. Here are seven easy steps for a bright and prosperous future

1. Set goals

Setting clear goals is the first step to motivating and guiding yourself towards your objective. In case your objective requires some funding like a travel goal for example, goal-setting will inspire you to save up and be more conscious with your spending because it is backed by purpose.

2. Save wisely


Saving up requires you to assess the necessities, prioritize them over your wants, and choose to spend on what really matters in order to lessen your expenses and find that you have more money. It involves discipline to save money but when done consistently, it will help you keep on track with achieving your goals by helping you build a cash reserve.


3. Build an emergency fund


Building an emergency fund equivalent to at least 3 times your monthly expenses helps you survive financially in times of sickness or natural calamities


4. Get insured


Getting life insurance cushions you against life’s unforeseen risks and secures the future income of your loved ones in case something happens to you.



5. Beat inflation


Preserve the purchasing power of your money by exploring other financial instruments where your money earns more than inflation and can even help you achieve your goals faster.

6. Seek professional help


Getting professional advice ensures that you decide on important money decisions fully aware of your options. Our friendly financial advisors all had their extensive training about Sun Life products and services so that they may be licensed to empower you to make the bright choice that is fit to your goals and needs. Set an appointment with a Sun Life Advisor here.

7. Eyes on the Prize


Thinking long-term and tracking your progress regularly will help you achieve your financial goals. There are several ways to monitor your progress from the trusty traditional method of using a planner up to the modern way of using budget & goal tracker apps

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