The Sun Life Prosperity Card is an investment gift card worth PHP5,000 that may be invested in any of the peso-denominated mutual funds managed by Sun Life Asset Management Company, Inc. (SLAMCI). It also makes a perfect gift option for any occasion.

The value of the Sun Life Prosperity Card can potentially grow over time, making it a unique and lasting present for a minimum of PHP 5,000. It is available online at and may also be purchased at Sun Life Financial Stores nationwide.

Reference: Sun Life Prosperity Card Frequently Asked Questions

Auto-Invest is an investment program that enables existing clients to add monthly or quarterly investments to their peso-denominated Sun Life Prosperity Funds automatically from their bank accounts*.

Auto-Invest instills discipline to clients by investing on a regular basis, and allows clients to benefit from peso cost averaging, by riding the ups and downs of the market. No one can really time the market. Invest regularly through Auto-Invest!

 Get started by filling out the Auto-Invest Enrollment Form and your bank’s automatic debit agreement form here.

 * Participating banks include Banco  De Oro (BDO), Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI), Metrobank, and Security Bank.


Reference: Auto-Invest Program Frequently Asked Questions 


Sun RISE or Regular Investments Simplified for Employees is a workplace savings plan for employees. It is a group investment program that allows members to invest in peso-dominated Sun Life Prosperity Funds for as low as PHP300. This can be done though monthly contributions from their salaries.

Employees may also continue their mutual fund investment even after resignation from the company of retirement. It is convenient, affordable and portable. With the Sun RISE program, employees are able to INVEST FIRST before spending their salaries. Investing in Sun RISE can lead to several benefits.

Sun Rise for Employers

1. Improved Employee Retention: Go beyond just paying the salaries of your employees – help them manage it, and possibly reward them through employer contribution matching

2. Added Benefit: Complements existing employee benefits provided by the company

3. Increased Productivity: Alleviate employee financial distress, which is real problem faced by the average working Filipino that hampers productivity

4. Reduced Loans/Advances: Alleviate employee financial distress, which is real problem faced by the average working Filipino that hampers productivity

5. Enhanced Financial Literacy: Help you build a financially-literate workforce through regular financial planning sessions with employees 


1. It’s Convenient: Invest automatically from your payroll account via monthly salary deductions. No more ATM queues and forms!

2. It’s Affordable: With Sun RISE, you can invest for as low as PHP 300 per month! That’s only PHP 10 per day. For a minimal amount, you’re able to invest in the Sun Life Prosperity Funds (mutual funds managed by Sun Life Asset Management) which give you access to diversified and high-yielding investments that normally require a larger investment amount.
3. It Lets You Invest First Before Spending: Do you find yourself living from paycheck to paycheck? When payday comes around, does spending come before investing? With Sun RISE, you can break away from the habit and spend after you’ve set aside money for your investment fund. This becomes your forced-savings/investment to fulfill your future needs!
4. Increase Your Earning Potential: Mutual Funds have a higher earning potential compared to traditional bank deposits; plus if your company implements a contribution-matching scheme, they’re basically giving you free money!
5. It’s Portable: You can continue your investment even after resignation or retirement
6. Cost Averaging: Regular monthly investments lessen the risk of investing a large amount at the “wrong time”. Remember, it’s not about timing the market, but TIME IN the market. What’s important is to start early and invest regularly.
7. Professional Fund Management: The Sun Life Prosperity Funds are managed by investment professionals who are dedicated to ensuring that the funds generate the best returns over the long term. 

Sun Synergy Recharged is an automatic premium payment facility for two complementary products: mutual funds (for growth in investments) and insurance policies (for protection). It now comes with enhanced features to help you achieve your financial goals conveniently, no matter what stage you are in.

Enjoy these benefits:

  • An alternative way to settling your renewal insurance premium payments
  • Minimize the possibility of lapses in your life insurance policy
  • Maximize your insurance protection and get the chance to avail higher yielding investment

Reference: Sun Synergy Recharged Frequently Asked Questions 

Sun Life Asset Management Company, Inc. (SLAMCI) has partnered with Banco De Oro (BDO), Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI), and Metrobank for its Bills Payment Program to make investing easier and more convenient.

Existing clients can now make additional investments in peso-denominated Sun Life Prosperity Funds through a bank partner’s various payment channels: online banking, mobile banking, automated teller machine (ATM), or over-the-counter (OTC). Enjoy the flexibility of choosing your preferred sales load, without having to submit an Order Ticket to our Client Service Centers.


Reference: Bills Payment Program Frequently Asked Questions 

Learn you investment goals with SLAMCI Online
Starting the journey to financial wellness can now be done online! Investors simply need to take the dynamic personality test to find out which Sun Life Prosperity Fund suits them best.

Managing investments has also been made more convenient. Through the  Sun Life PH app or the Sun Life Client Portal, investors can add to or redeem their investments, and easily make fund switches.