The Sun Life Prosperity Card

The Sun Life Prosperity Card is an investment gift card worth PHP1,000 or PHP5,000 that you can invest in any of the peso-denominated mutual funds managed by Sun Life Asset Management Company, Inc. (SLAMCI).

The value of the Sun Life Prosperity Card can potentially grow over time, making it a more meaningful present. You can purchase a card for your personal use or as a gift to your loved ones.

Quick Facts

Who can purchase a Prosperity Card?

Filipino citizens who are at least 18 years old.

Purchasing a Prosperity Card

How can I purchase a Prosperity Card?

Simply visit any of the following Sun Life Client Service Centers, accomplish a Purchase Form, and submit one (1) government-issued primary ID.

Can the Prosperity Card be given to a minor?

Yes, the card can be given to a minor. To begin investing in the child’s name, the parent/legal guardian must act as the principal investor/trustee.

Does the Prosperity Card have an expiry date?

No, the Prosperity Card does not have an expiry date. However, we strongly encourage you to invest using the card immediately upon purchase or receipt so you may begin your investment journey right away and to avoid loss or theft.

Is the Prosperity Card reloadable?

No. The Prosperity Card has a fixed value of either PHP1,000 or PHP5,000 and cannot be reloaded.

Is the Prosperity Card refundable or convertible to cash?

No, the Prosperity Card is not refundable or convertible to cash. It can only be used to invest in peso-denominated Sun Life Prosperity Funds.

What should I do if my Prosperity Card is lost or stolen?

Report lost or stolen cards immediately by calling (632) 849-9888. Lost or stolen cards shall not be replaced. Clients, however, may still invest the amount upon presentation of the Site Receiving Form and ID of the buyer. For your protection, we encourage you to activate the Prosperity Card immediately upon purchase or receipt. Please keep a copy of the Site Receiving Form.