Reach optimum returns by diversifying across major asset and investment types with the Opportunity Fund

Investment option for policyholders of the VUL product:
Sun MaxiLink One 1

The Opportunity Fund allows you to invest in a mix of major asset classes (current income and capital growth), as well as investment types (bonds and stocks) mainly from domestic issuers in order to reach optimum returns.

Benefits of investing in the Opportunity Fund:

  • Provides investment diversification in one fund by exposure to all major asset classes.
    Stocks give you higher growth potential, while cash and incomes provide greater stability and generate income. The Opportunity Fund mirrors the diversification that you could achieve by holding a variety of investment funds, all in just one fund.
  • Achieves a diversified portfolio with low minimum investment.
    It would take an estimated minimum of Php 5 million in individual investments to get appropriate diversification in a portfolio. With the Opportunity Fund, you can enjoy the benefits of full diversification for a lower amount, by pooling individual investments from other VUL policyholders.
  • Professional fund management.
    You have Sun Life Financial's investment experience, commitment and research capabilities working for you in order to maximize your potential returns.

1 Sun MaxiLink One is an investment-linked life insurance product regulated by the Insurance Commission. The Opportunity Fund is not a security.

2 The team of investment professionals based in the Philippines, who manage the Life Fund portfolio with assets in of PHP 62.35 billion, market value as of 31 December 2008.