Protect yourself from unforeseen illnesses with the convenient and affordable SUN Healthier Life product

SUN Healthier Life is a convenient and affordable life and health solution that provides protection benefits to help you get through any stage of a critical illness, so you can be healthy and stay healthy to live the life you envisioned.

Benefits of SUN Healthier Life:

  • Health protection

    Receive cash benefit equal to a percentage of the Face Amount if you are diagnosed, while living, to have any of the covered eight (8) Minor Critical Illnesses (CI) and Angioplasty or five (5) Major Critical Illnesses, and where applicable, has undergone any of the specified surgery. This ensures that you will have the means to recover regardless of the kind of medical treatment or financial support needed to get through any stage of a covered critical illness.
  • Insurance coverage

    Get a life insurance plan* to supplement any existing life insurance coverage the customer already has.
  • Simplified issue offer (SIO)

    Avail this plan through an easy application process using a simple health questionnaire with no medical examination requirement.

*Equal to the plan’s Face Amount less previous benefits paid for minor critical illness benefits and/or Angioplasty benefit in case of death, whether CI-related or of other natural causes.


SUN Healthier Life is suitable for those belonging to the following life stages:

Getting Started Icon

Getting Started

Building independence and confidence

Moving Up Icon

Moving Up

Prioritizing family above all

Preparing Ahead Icon

Preparing Ahead

Nurturing my health and wealth