September 25, 2017

Sun Synergy Recharged

SLAMCI, SLOCPI relaunch automatic premium payment facility

In continuous pursuit of its mission to help Filipinos achieve a brighter life, Sun Life Asset Management Company, Inc. (SLAMCI) and Sun Life of Canada Philippines, Inc. (SLOCPI) are pleased to relaunch the program called “Sun Synergy Recharged”.


Sun Synergy Recharged is a facility that allows the automatic payment of life insurance renewal premiums from mutual fund investments. The program is ideal for clients who seek potential investment return, as well as a hassle-free payment option for the renewal premiums of their insurance policies.


Clients who will enroll in the program will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Convenient way of paying for Sun Life policies
  • Promotes maximum insurance protection
  • Opportunity to participate in higher yielding investments


The following SLOCPI products and SLAMCI funds are eligible for the Sun Synergy Recharged program:

Sun Life Products*

Traditional Life Insurance

  • Sun Acceler8
  • Sun Dream Achiever
  • SUN Smarter Life Classic Series
  • SUN Smarter Life Elite Series
  • SUN Fit and Well Series

VUL Regular Pay

  • Sun FlexiLink / Sun FlexiDollar
  • Sun MaxiLink Bright
  • Sun MaxiLink Prime
  • Sun FlexiLink Assist

Term Insurance

  • Sun LifeAssure 
  • Sun First Aid
  • Sun Maiden
  • Sun Maiden Plus
  • Sun StartUp
  • SUN Safer Life

Sun Life Prosperity Funds*

  • Prosperity Philippine Equity Fund
  • Prosperity Philippine Index Fund
  • Prosperity Balanced Fund
  • Prosperity Bond Fund
  • Prosperity GS (Government Securities) Fund
  • Prosperity Money Market Fund
  • Prosperity World Voyager Fund
  • Prosperity Dollar Wellspring Fund
  • Prosperity Dollar Advantage Fund
  • Prosperity Dollar Abundance Fund

  *MF Investment and Life Insurance policy must carry the same currency denomination.

For further information on this program, you may call SLAMCI Agency Sales Team c/o Ms. Pia Dionisio at 555-8888 local 5019 or email



  1. What are the application or documentary requirements for enrollment to Sun Synergy?
  • Life Insurance: Processed as a regular transaction.
  • Mutual Fund: Processed as a regular transaction.
  • Enrollment to Sun Synergy: Client Authorization Form (CAF*). This may be downloaded from the sources enumerated below and must be submitted to any Sun Life Client Service Center.
  1. SLAMCI Website (
  2. How will I be assured that my Insurance Policy is enrolled to Sun Synergy?

SLAMCI Investor Services will send a Confirmation of Receipt of the Client Authorization Form (CAF) to your MF Advisor via email. Your Advisor is responsible for providing you with an update on the status of your enrollment.

  1. What will happen if my life insurance application is RATED?

In the event the life insurance is found rated, you shall issue a separate additional payment to SLOCPI for the 1st year annual premium. For the renewal premium, you may authorize the SLAMCI Investor Services to redeem the amount equivalent to the adjusted premium or the True Premium of SLOCPI.

  1. What will happen if my life insurance application is DECLINED?

SLOCPI will issue a check payable to you representing the amount of premium refunded. This will automatically cancel the Sun Synergy Client Authorization Form (CAF). On the other hand, the mutual fund investment shall be processed by SLAMCI regardless of the life insurance application status.

  1. What will happen if the MF Investment is REJECTED?

If the mutual fund is rejected (e.g. due to insufficient documents, Drawn Against Insufficient Funds or DAIF), the standard SLAMCI processes will prevail. The life insurance application will be processed by SLOCPI regardless of the mutual fund application. The CAF will be automatically terminated.

  1. What is the schedule for the redemption from MF for payment of the renewal life insurance premium?

The redemption processing is eleven (11) calendar days advance from the due date of the renewal premium.

  1. Is it possible that the payment instructions might not be executed?

In the following scenarios, yes:

  • Your MF Account has been closed or your funds have been transferred, and SLAMCI Investor Services was not notified on the changes in the Client Authorization Form (CAF).
  • Funds are insufficient to meet the life insurance renewal premium amount.
  1. Should I decide to stop the automatic redemption and instead pay the insurance premium directly to SLOCPI, whom can I get in touch with?

You may inform SLAMCI Investor Services by sending a letter of notification to (email address/office address where they can submit) at least thirty (30) calendar days before your next due date to avoid overpayment.

  1. Can I redeem from my investment on top of the scheduled redemptions?

Yes. However, please ensure that there will still be sufficient funds to cover the life insurance renewal premium.

  1. Will partial redemption terminate the Sun Synergy arrangement?

No. As long as the MF Investment is sufficient to pay the renewal premiums, the arrangement will continue.

  1. How will I know if the MF Investment is insufficient to pay for the premium?

You may enroll to SunLink Online at to have an access to your Mutual Fund accounts and view the current value of your Investments. You may also refer to the quarterly Statement of Accounts sent regularly by SLAMCI or Contact Sun Life Financial Call Center at (632) 849-9888 to inquire about your Mutual Fund Investments.

  1. For existing life insurance policies, do we have a cut-off period for the enrollment to Sun Synergy?

Yes, thirty (30) calendar days before the premium due date.

  1. When will the Sun Synergy contract be terminated?
  • When the insurance policy is declined
  • Upon surrender of the life insurance policy
  • When the life insurance policy lapses
  • Upon waiver of the premium by SLOCPI
  • Upon full redemption of all Peso mutual fund investment or demise of the mutual fund investor
  • Upon suspension or freezing of life insurance or mutual fund investment account by authorities


  1. Consult your financial advisor to generate the periodic renewal of your life insurance premium payments, which will be taken from your chosen mutual fund investment.
  2. Accomplish the Sun Synergy Client Authorization Form (CAF). Provide the details of your insurance and mutual fund accounts, as well as the redemption schedules for payment of your renewal life insurance premium.
  3. Submit the Sun Synergy CAF to your financial advisor/ the nearest Sun Life Client Service Center.


Sun Synergy Recharged Brochure