December 01, 2017

Sun Life Asset Management introduces dollar fund for new investors

Sun Life Asset Management Company, Inc. (SLAMCI) introduces a new dollar fund ideal for those eager to take a step from bank deposits to investments.

Called the Sun Life Prosperity Dollar Starter Fund, it invests in cash and short-term fixed income instruments in order to provide investors with modest and consistent returns that may potentially be higher than interest rates on savings accounts and time deposits. It only takes USD500 to start investing in the said fund, the latest addition to the Sun Life Prosperity Funds.

“SLAMCI is committed to providing investment solutions for every financial need. With the Dollar Starter Fund, we aim to provide an option for individuals with US dollars and who are new to investing,” SLAMCI President Valerie Pama said. “With the fund’s conservative profile, it offers a smooth start to their investing journey.”

Apart from new investors, those with short-term needs for the dollars would also find the Dollar Starter Fund as a suitable alternative. This is because the said fund has a holding period of only 30 days, and investors have the flexibility to redeem amounts as low as USD100.

Once comfortable with investing in the Dollar Starter Fund, investors can choose to add to their dollar mutual fund portfolio SLAMCI’s other funds: World Voyager, Dollar Wellspring, Dollar Advantage, and Dollar Abundance.

To learn more about the Dollar Starter Fund and the other Sun Life Prosperity Funds, talk to your Sun Life Financial Advisor today.